Academic Buildings
WMG is one of Academic Buildings.

1. WMG

International Manufacturing Centre (at University of Warwick), West Midlands, West Midlands
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2. WBS Social Studies Building

Gibbert Hill Rd, คอเวนทรี, Coventry
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WBS Teaching Centre is one of Academic Buildings.

3. WBS Teaching Centre

Warwick Business School The University of Warwick (at Gibbet Hill Road), คอเวนทรี, Coventry
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4. WBS Staff Lounge

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Millburn House is one of Academic Buildings.

5. Millburn House

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Science Concourse is one of Academic Buildings.

6. Science Concourse

University of Warwick, คอเวนทรี, Coventry
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School of Engineering is one of Academic Buildings.

7. School of Engineering

University of Warwick (Library Road), คอเวนทรี, Coventry
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Westwood Centre For Education is one of Academic Buildings.

8. Westwood Centre For Education

Westwood campus, คอเวนทรี, Coventry
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9. Westwood Reinvention Centre

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Warwick Department Of Economics is one of Academic Buildings.

10. Warwick Department Of Economics

University Of Warwick, West Midlands, West Midlands
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