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Elitch Gardens Theme & Water Park

Elitch Gardens Theme & Water Park

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Auraria, เดนเวอร์
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  • Juliezenไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Juliezenกันยายน 6, 2017
    Elitch's is a fun affordable place to spend the day in Denver riding rides or at the water park. They offer a lot of what the big parks offer, like cute shops, thrill rides with pictures, water rides
  • Sherryไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Sherryสิงหาคม 15, 2017
    A really exciting amusement park! Very clean and family friendly! Something to do for everyone! The tides appear to be well kept! I enjoyed the Ferris Wheel! My wife went on the slingshot!
    โหวตขึ้น Sep 9
  • Serj L.
    Serj Lสิงหาคม 28, 2016
    When you go to mind eraser make sure to keep your head straight! The ride is a bit rough but it's fun! Twister is also a good ride but make sure to hold on it!
  • Terryไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Terryกรกฎาคม 24, 2017
    I am a amusement and theme park enthusiast and I came here looking forward to visiting this park. Of their coaster lineup, one is very rare, and that is the one that is called Sidewinder.
  • Franco C.ไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Franco Calizกันยายน 23, 2015
    Really great fireworks show (Labor day fireworks are,a great surprise.) Enjoy the water park during summer. Cool rides as well but the lockers are expensive.
  • David R.ไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    David Rossมกราคม 21, 2015
    The Twister 2 is by far the coolest ride! My favorite was the mind eraser. The park was pretty lively and crowded at some times of the day and especially around lunch.
  • Colleenไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Colleenกรกฎาคม 12, 2017
    My family had a wonderful time at Elitch Garden. There was so much to do for the money. Usually amusement parks this size cost 60 dollars and up, however, Elitches was 39.99.
  • Jason F.ไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Jason Fellonมิถุนายน 23, 2015
    Usually have a great experience here. We usually rent a cabana near the wave pool. This time the service was terrible(after 90 mins I had to get our server to order). So much more...
  • Ken S.ไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Ken Sellersพฤษภาคม 1, 2017
    Do ride Mind Eraser. Don't ride Ghost Blaster. Do go on an off day. Don't forget sunscreen. Do consider a season pass. Don't expect ride names on the official map. Do expect to fend off barkers.
  • Shanaไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Shanaสิงหาคม 29, 2017
    Very amazing rides and water park!!! Lines are a little bit long but it's all worth the experience. I'll definitely be going back for more fun!!!
  • Jenfuji59ไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Jenfuji59กรกฎาคม 18, 2017
    This was a fun park, both water and amusement. Plenty of shade, variety of food and drink, and shops. Family had a great time!!
  • Trudyไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Trudyสิงหาคม 23, 2017
    I went to visit my good friend from school who lives there and he took me to this park; it was so fun, I had very good memories and I hope to come back some day
  • K12 Inc
    K12 Incมิถุนายน 28, 2011
    Did you know? The ancestors of roller coasters were steep wooden¬ slides covered in ice and popular in Russia in the 16th and 17th centuries. Riders slid down in sleds and crash-landed in sand piles. อ่านข้อมูลเพิ่มเติม
  • George W.
    George Webbสิงหาคม 22, 2010
    A great way to spend a summer day with your family and friends. the park is seperated into two different parts the water park wich has both an teenager and adult pool that has waves and a pirate theme
  • Genevieveไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Genevieveกันยายน 12, 2017
    I HIGHLY recommend that you get the Fast Pass which is a wrist band that allows you to go to the front of the line on most of the "thrill" rides.
  • Dave A.
    Dave Amiraultมิถุนายน 10, 2012
    If you don't buy the VIP pass you are doing yourself an injustice. It lets you breeze to the front of all of the rides, no waiting for you! Warning, people you are ahead of will hate on you, hard.
  • Stellaไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Stellaสิงหาคม 1, 2017
    It's a good place to go if you're looking for something to do for the day. The rides are minimal and only really 3 "major" roller coasters.
  • Denton
    Dentonมิถุนายน 28, 2012
    I suggest you get a second mortgage before you visit. Everything is $$$$. Oh, and if you rent a wheelchair u need to get a waiver to ride the rides
  • Greg V.ไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Greg Veilleuxกรกฎาคม 19, 2016
    Disclaimer.... I grew up in Florida and went to the theme parks there 3 or 4 times a year. With that said, Elitch Gardens is cheesy and boring. No people moving skills so everything takes forever.
  • Danielle T.
    Danielle Takahashiสิงหาคม 16, 2013
    Kind of expensive unless you take advantage of the water park too. They should have a separate cheaper ticket if you only want to do the amusement park and not the water park. The park itself is fun.
  • GaryFunk
    GaryFunkกุมภาพันธ์ 4, 2012
    Fun for the entire family with a full theme park and water park. It also hosts concerts, special events and show. อ่านข้อมูลเพิ่มเติม
  • Vitamin Yi
    Vitamin Yiสิงหาคม 12, 2014
    Definitely consider getting the VIP fast pass, or else you will spend 90% of your time waiting in lines.
  • Maria N.ไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Maria Nelsonกรกฎาคม 12, 2017
    If you're there all day it's definitely worth getting the fast pass to skip the lines
  • Hampton Inn Denver-International Airportไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Hampton Inn Denver-International Airportสิงหาคม 5, 2013
    Go to ride at Elitches; the Mind Eraser. Great place for rides and attractions and special events. อ่านข้อมูลเพิ่มเติม
  • Mike G.
    Mike Garciaสิงหาคม 18, 2013
    This is stupid. We got here at 10:00am for a reason. We wanted to get on as many rides as possible before the park got busy. They are repeating the Mind Eraser. They should do this shit before.
  • Dustin S.
    Dustin Sladeมิถุนายน 10, 2014
    Get in early for good parking, stay late for less kids
  • Eric G.
    Eric Guttormsonกรกฎาคม 18, 2010
    I love the old wooden coasters. You should ride Mister Twister at Elitch Garden because it is a great wooden coaster. อ่านข้อมูลเพิ่มเติม
  • Karla G.ไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Karla Gonzalezมิถุนายน 25, 2015
    Amazing games, food, rides, and holiday thenes!!
  • Karlien D.
    Karlien De Cockกรกฎาคม 26, 2013
    Half-Pipe was closed today, there was a minor thunderstorm in the afternoon, a lot of people left, so they closed the park early at 5. Staff was not friendly. Not a very customer-friendly park.
  • Tina P.
    Tina Phaimanyพฤษภาคม 20, 2011
    เคยมาที่นี่ 10+ ครั้ง
    Don't forget to checkout the water park this year! Opening May 28th. DON'T FORGET TO CHECK OUR CABANA'S YOU CAN MAKE RESERVATIONS ONLINE.
  • Dave A.
    Dave Amiraultมิถุนายน 10, 2012
    Please try and be a polite and kind person, the park is full of rude and pushy people that really being the experience down.
  • Thomas Y.ไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Thomas Yiมิถุนายน 29, 2013
    Riding the mind eraser is a must do and visit the water park early to get almost no lines
  • Bill F.ไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Bill Flinchbaughกันยายน 17, 2021
    Visited for the 2021 Denver Auto Show. Would have been cool if it had been in the park. The show was in a parking lot. Very disappointing.
  • Andrew F.
    Andrew Fayetteตุลาคม 19, 2014
    Terror Dome 2 is shorter than the other haunted house but better!!
  • Charles H.ไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Charles Humphreysกรกฎาคม 17, 2016
    Go early, but tickets online and get a cabana
  • Tommy M.
    Tommy Moonกันยายน 19, 2010
    Take the family and have fun. Lots of rides and events throughout the season to enjoy. A bit pricey though.
  • John P.
    John Pพฤษภาคม 4, 2012
    เคยมาที่นี่ 100+ ครั้ง
    Opening day is May 5, 2012! Get a season pass and enjoy the theme park & water park all season!
  • Thomas Y.ไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Thomas Yiมิถุนายน 30, 2013
    Season pass and fast track are a must have
  • Bryce W.ไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Bryce Whitenerกรกฎาคม 22, 2013
    Amazing! You have to go on mind eraser!
  • Marian R.
    Marian Robinsonสิงหาคม 8, 2012
    Bring an empty water bottle. Water fountains are few and far between and drinks are very expensive.
  • John P.
    John Pมีนาคม 10, 2012
    เคยมาที่นี่ 100+ ครั้ง
    Buy a Season Pass! Pays for itself with 2 visits and you get a theme & water park ALL season!
  • Charles H.ไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Charles Humphreysกรกฎาคม 19, 2016
    relaxing in one of the rented cabanas
  • Shamanv969ไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Shamanv969สิงหาคม 7, 2017
    Kids had a blast in the water park.
  • Christie H.ไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Christie Holzerกรกฎาคม 18, 2015
    The roller coasters are fun
  • Jimmy G.
    Jimmy Gatlffสิงหาคม 1, 2010
    เคยมาที่นี่ 50+ ครั้ง
    Make sure to check out RockNation: Don't Stop Believing at the Trocadero every day at 2, 5 and 7 PM!
  • Matt L.
    Matt Lafoneตุลาคม 23, 2011
    Great time! A little over priced but fun.
  • Nick M.
    Nick Marshพฤษภาคม 14, 2010
    Place feels a bit run down. People running the games are persistently annoying, insulting at times. A good third of the stuff is closed. Maybe it'll get better as the seaso nrolls on.
  • Joe M.
    Joe Macมิถุนายน 27, 2012
    The security staff has a bad apple who is on a monster power trip. Watch out for a female security guard who seemingly just wants to demonstrate authority with no concern for actually HELPING guests.
  • Mino H.ไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Mino Henryเมษายน 24, 2016
    Yeah don't eat before you go on a ride goes upside down Cino
  • Elizangela d.ไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Elizangela de Limaพฤษภาคม 5, 2013
    Adorei tudo !


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