Caracas Arepa Bar

Caracas Arepa Bar

East Village, นครนิวยอร์ก
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  • Sam B.ไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Sam Brownกรกฎาคม 13, 2015
    La Surena is the winning arepa here, chicken, chunky chorizo, and avocado slices, soooo good! Be sure to slather it in the spicy mango sauce on your table, then buy a bottle for $10 on your way out.
  • Noah W.ไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Noah Weissธันวาคม 18, 2011
    เคยมาที่นี่ 5+ ครั้ง
    The 3 arepas to get: de pabellon (shreeded beef, sweet plantains, white cheese), la surena (chicken, chorizo, avocado), and la de pernil (roast pork shoulder, jalepenos, fried sweet plantains).
  • Ranu R.ไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Ranu Rajkarnikarกรกฎาคม 19, 2017
    เคยมาที่นี่ 10+ ครั้ง
    As good as ever. This should be your arepas spot. The La Del Gato should be on your list, avocado, salty cheese and plantains. So simple and so good, especially when slathered in their A+++ sauce.
  • Elizabeth I.ไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Elizabeth Irizสิงหาคม 3, 2014
    เคยมาที่นี่ 10+ ครั้ง
    Name all your favorite ingredients & then order 'la sureña' because they're all in there - chicken, chorizo, chimichurri, avocado! And if you don't lather in the homemade salsa, you're doing it wrong.
  • Compass
    Compassกรกฎาคม 24, 2013
    Caracas is the go-to destination for affordable arepas — Venezuelan pita pockets stuffed with meats, cheeses, and sauces. Guacamole, plantain chips, and fried bits of cheese make excellent starters.
  • Christian D.ไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Christian Dickmannเมษายน 23, 2015
    We shared 6 Arepas among 3 people, which was a good portion size. I enjoyed the variety of great tastes! Only minor issue was that sharing was not very convenient due to the form factor.
  • Keith K.ไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Keith Kaplanมกราคม 22, 2015
    De pabellion arepa is so delicious. The spicy mango salsa is good on everything!
  • April D.ไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    April Ditoเมษายน 4, 2015
    The Leek Jardinera was amazing! The fried plantain appetizer was also very good. The server was very friendly and knowledgable.
  • Alejandra G.ไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Alejandra Guillén Sกันยายน 4, 2017
    Best tequeños I've had in the city! Prices were a little high, but food was authentic and overall really good.
  • Honghui Y.ไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Honghui Yuมีนาคม 29, 2015
    For meat-lovers, get the La de Pernil. Vegetarian options also abound. Wash everything down with a glass (or more) of the super-refreshing Tinto de Verano.
  • Marie P.ไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Marie Porrasกรกฎาคม 28, 2015
    Great arepa. Don't be fooled. One arepa is plenty even for hungry belly. Try any arepa with Chorizo.
  • From The World B.
    From The World Blogตุลาคม 23, 2012
    Arepas are cheap and tasty. Arepa is one of the most traditional items on Venezuelan cuisine. Sanduiches filled with meet, cheese , beans, guacamole, banana. Entrees, Tajadas are delicious
  • Gal A.ไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Gal Amirพฤษภาคม 15, 2015
    De Pabellon arepa is the best! Food there is just great. It's a small place, so make sure not to come at busy times
  • The Corcoran Group
    The Corcoran Groupสิงหาคม 19, 2013
    Order the De Pabellion Arepa, and thank us later. For those with a gluten allergy, the arepas are made with corn flour so they're totally safe to eat!
  • Maximiliano
    Maximilianoสิงหาคม 19, 2013
    Great arepas. Explore the menu to find your favorite. I like La Surena: chicken, chorizo and avocado.
  • Ranu R.ไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Ranu Rajkarnikarธันวาคม 31, 2014
    เคยมาที่นี่ 10+ ครั้ง
    Endless good things. Guac with plantain chips is awesome. Love the De La Gato arepa. Get a fresh fruit juice or the cinnamon banana milkshake!
  • Jonathon M.
    Jonathon Matthewsกรกฎาคม 17, 2011
    เคยมาที่นี่ 10+ ครั้ง
    For an App, go for the Yoyo's! For Arepas, the La Muchachos (A15) for meat lovers or La Mulata (A19) or Veggie lovers. Also, it is also about their special yellow sauce, I always buy a bottle for home
  • Jenn
    Jennมิถุนายน 20, 2012
    Try the De Pabellon Arepa and Pabellon Criollo. There is also a take out section with a few seats if you just can't wait at the regular restaurant. This place is totally worth the wait! อ่านข้อมูลเพิ่มเติม
  • Adrienไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Adrienมีนาคม 30, 2016
    Lunch special, with soup or salad under $10. La Sureña is the best for lunch -- avocado, chorizo and chicken
  • Alexa D.ไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Alexa Davilaเมษายน 1, 2018
    best arepas in town. Amazing authentic salty cheese. Very tiny restaurant, expect to bump into or accidentally kick the table next to you but the food is worth it!
  • Real Cheap Eats
    Real Cheap Eatsพฤศจิกายน 5, 2012
    The yo-yo ($5.75) gets a sugary makeover. Sweet plantains are fried in a cinnamon-spiked plantain batter, then they’re stuffed with slightly chewy, fresh cheese and served with honey dipping sauce. อ่านข้อมูลเพิ่มเติม
  • Christine S.
    Christine Smithตุลาคม 3, 2014
    Get several arepas to share, or eat your own, but whatever you do, make sure you get to eat the De Pabellon. Douse all of them in their house arepa sauce.
  • Keith K.ไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Keith Kaplanตุลาคม 13, 2014
    The pork arepa was delicious as well as the chips and guacamole. The chips are a combination with fried plantains. Ask for extra mango salsa sauce.
  • Kimmie O.ไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Kimmie Ohhธันวาคม 9, 2019
    Their Los Muchachos arepa was spicy when I ordered it. This arepa is filled with chorizo, grilled queso blanco with jalapeños & sautéed peppers.
  • Melissaไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Melissaกุมภาพันธ์ 9, 2014
    The staff here is wonderful! Very kind people. Great atmosphere to chill and hang, and great food. Really, anything on the menu is tasty~!
  • Real Cheap Eats
    Real Cheap Eatsสิงหาคม 15, 2012
    The yo-yo gets a sugary makeover at Caracas. Sweet plantains are fried in a cinnamon-spiked plantain batter, then they’re stuffed slightly chewy, fresh cheese and served with honey dipping sauce. อ่านข้อมูลเพิ่มเติม
  • Alexis B.
    Alexis Brillเมษายน 25, 2011
    Im a vegan, and they have the most amazing arepa stuffed with tofu, black beans, and plantains. You can build your own. I also had a coconut shake, which was dairy-free. Amazing!!
  • K@rTh!kk R.
    K@rTh!kk ReDd!มิถุนายน 1, 2013
    เคยมาที่นี่ 5+ ครั้ง
    Try Los Muchachos with caramelized onions, meat can be substituted for Chicken. Try Bolirepitas con Nata appetizer... For spice lovers,ask the server for their spicy sauce...
  • Natasha S.
    Natasha Storerสิงหาคม 31, 2011
    Arepas are small taco like meals of awesome! Go with small group, as always lines here. Absoulte fav in East Village. Can buy the special sauce in bottles to take home too
  • refinery29
    refinery29สิงหาคม 3, 2014
    Don't expect run-of-the-mill black beans and rice; instead, diners at this packed spot will experience an abundance of the mysterious arepa: A sort of Venezuelan corn-ball that defies explanation. อ่านข้อมูลเพิ่มเติม
  • Katharine H.
    Katharine Hardisonกรกฎาคม 7, 2013
    On a nice day, skip the line at the sit down place and go two doors down to the take-out storefront. If you have time to spare - definitely worth the wait.
  • Divya M.
    Divya Menonสิงหาคม 8, 2014
    Yum yum yum! Love this place, I can eat here 7 days a week. Get the fried plantains, chicken arepa and guacamole with chips.
  • Laura V.ไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Laura Vitaroกุมภาพันธ์ 24, 2013
    เคยมาที่นี่ 5+ ครั้ง
    The arepas are like little pockets of magic. Feel free to be liberal about sauce usage. It's phenomenal. They took it off the menu, but you can still get La Paisa if you ask - delicious salty cheese.
  • John A.ไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    John Aสิงหาคม 16, 2015
    Good food, served hot, very little seating. Recommend take away to a nearby park. For vegetarians there are 2 choices, recommend the Mulata.
  • Jen B.
    Jen Bพฤษภาคม 11, 2013
    เคยมาที่นี่ 25+ ครั้ง
    Get there early for a table; stay late for as much amazing sauce and arepas as you can consume. There's no craving I enjoy satisfying more.
  • Felipe P.ไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Felipe P.พฤศจิกายน 7, 2015
    Amazing place. Delicious food, great service, nice ambiance and fair price. Try La de Pernil and Croquetas. 👍
  • Greg R.ไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Greg Razzanoมีนาคม 23, 2019
    Nice crispy arepas with good sauce and fillings. Get the sugar cane drink hot, it's cozy on a cold day!
  • eme
    emeกุมภาพันธ์ 4, 2015
    Yum. Tostones mochimeros and tequenos are the best apps. I love the Playa Deluxe or la de Pollo.
  • Michelle B.
    Michelle Bธันวาคม 23, 2011
    One of my old favs! Can get crowded so check out if the take out version two doors down has seats. Their Billyburg restaurant is much roomier. Order the Pabellon!! mmmm....
  • Brittany B.ไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Brittany Beisnerสิงหาคม 19, 2016
    You can't go wrong with anything on the menu. Also trust your waiter, when they say something is really spicy, it's REALLY spicy!
  • Penny H.
    Penny Hardmanมกราคม 4, 2011
    A personal favorite in the city. Great for lunch (good special) or a first date. If the line is long and the weathers nice, grab a beer from the bodega and wait it out paper bag style.
  • Alina K.
    Alina K.กันยายน 4, 2011
    Get the reina pepiada arepa and try one of their home-made juices. And don't leave without some guasacaca or cachapas...some truly authentic Venezuelan fare.
  • Matt B.
    Matt Badgerกุมภาพันธ์ 15, 2019
    Make sure you use some of the homemade sauce they have on the table! A little spicy and a little sweet!
  • Greg R.ไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Greg Razzanoมีนาคม 23, 2019
    Nice crispy arepas with some good sauce and fillings. Good atmosphere! Small place, courteous and nice.
  • Elizabeth O.ไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Elizabeth Otaolaมิถุนายน 27, 2015
    This place is life. Tequenos and Any arepa with guayanes cheese is a good choice
  • New York Habitat
    New York Habitatพฤศจิกายน 10, 2011
    The consensus here is to order De Pabellon, and we whole heartedly agree. Shredded beef, black beans, and cheese stuffed into a pocket bun. You'll want to come back after eating here.
  • Suri R.ไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Suri Rกันยายน 1, 2013
    เคยมาที่นี่ 10+ ครั้ง
    Yes, okay, all the arepas are great and all, but the real reason 37% of my paycheck is spent here is the passionfruit juice. What a treasure.
  • William H.
    William Hสิงหาคม 23, 2014
    It may not be cheap and it may not be fast, but sure is yummy. No need to get fancy, the cheese areapas by themselves are great.
  • Serious Eats
    Serious Eatsมีนาคม 15, 2013
    A neighborhood favorite for spicy, saucy Venezuelan sandwiches. Gets cramped and noisy during peak hours.
  • jon n.
    jon nguyenสิงหาคม 26, 2013
    Try the De Pabellon - shredded beef and black beans...veeeeeeery chill. 2nd time here, and just as enjoyable as my 1st...suuuper dope joint


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