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got eat here
TK Burgers is one of got eat here.

1. TK Burgers

110 Pacific Coast Hwy, ฮันติงตันบีช, CA
ร้านเบอร์เกอร์ · Downtown Huntington Beach · 23 คำแนะนำและคำวิจารณ์

Hss S.Hss Surfboard Room: The big bargain special is always a sure thing. One of the best burgers in HB

Papa Joe's is one of got eat here.

2. Papa Joe's

414 Pacific Coast Hwy, ฮันติงตันบีช, CA
ร้านพิซซ่า · Downtown Huntington Beach · 7 คำแนะนำและคำวิจารณ์

Hss S.Hss Surfboard Room: Nothing like pizza by the slice at a good price..that rhymes... anyway they have good pizza, spaghetti, and subs.

My Hero Subs is one of got eat here.

3. My Hero Subs

126 Main St, ฮันติงตันบีช, CA
ร้านขายแซนด์วิช · Downtown Huntington Beach · 3 คำแนะนำและคำวิจารณ์

Hss S.Hss Surfboard Room: We all like subway but it is nice to have a real authentic sub sandwich joint back on main street. These are super good so check them out.

Duke's Huntington Beach is one of got eat here.

4. Duke's Huntington Beach

317 Pacific Coast Hwy (Main St), ฮันติงตันบีช, CA
ร้านอาหารทะเล · 79 คำแนะนำและคำวิจารณ์

Hss S.Hss Surfboard Room: A bit pricey for a quick bit but well worth it. You can order just about anything and know its going to taste amazing. The Carmel Roasted Turkey Stack in insane. Don't forget the hula pie...so good

Java Point Coffee is one of got eat here.

5. Java Point Coffee

300 Pacific Coast Hwy (at Main St), ฮันติงตันบีช, CA
ร้านอาหารและกาแฟ · Downtown Huntington Beach · 13 คำแนะนำและคำวิจารณ์

Hss S.Hss Surfboard Room: Dont be fooled by the name its so much more than coffee. Ask for any bagel with cream cheese, avocado, salt and pepper with a dab of Tapitio on top... super good