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The Beatles LOVE (Cirque du Soleil)

The Beatles LOVE (Cirque du Soleil)

โรงละคร และ ละครสัตว์
The Strip, ลาสเวกัส
  • Ione S.
    "O melhor show (ดนตรีสด) do Cirque definitivamente!"(7 ทิปส์)
    Soren S.
    "Each act a masterpiece with perfect music (เพลง) from the Beatles!"(35 ทิปส์)
    Morgan F.
    "I loved it and the gift shop (ร้านกิ๊ฟชอป) is awesome!"(2 ทิปส์)
    Cindy W.
    "Wonderful show - great mix of dance (เต้น) and acrobatics."(9 ทิปส์)
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  • Sarah S.
    Sarah Santosสิงหาคม 13, 2013
    See this show! All the seats are good, sit a little higher to be able to see everything. There are a lot of performers on stage at once during a few numbers if you sit too close you might miss it.
    โหวตขึ้น 30/Dec/2017
  • Lorna B.
    Lorna Bสิงหาคม 23, 2013
    SPECTACULAR. Seen it twice and i would go again and again! No bad seat in the house but up close you can see their facial expressions and it's more interactive. All Beatles fans need to see this!
  • Felipe A.
    Felipe Aguileraมิถุนายน 27, 2015
    Amazing experience for fans and not so much. The show is clean and emotional, the 360 experience is amazing and the attention for detail is stunning.
  • Jason D.
    Jason Davidsonกันยายน 17, 2013
    An absolutely incredible show. If you enjoy a great performance, and some of the best music ever written, then I suggest you see this show. It is not cheap, but you will not be disappointed.
  • Timothy M.
    Timothy Millsตุลาคม 20, 2017
    The sound, projections, choreography of dances & scenes, engineering of aerials & staging were all fabulous! This is the best entertainment/performance/production experience I've ever witnessed!
  • Jason F.
    Jason Feldmanมีนาคม 11, 2013
    One of the best things about this theatre is that there's no bad seat in the house. Very cool set up. I actually like the more inexpensive, balcony seats because you can see EVERYTHING.
  • Soren S.
    Soren Schomburgมกราคม 7, 2015
    One of the best Cirque Du Soleil shows on the Strip. Each act a masterpiece with perfect music from the Beatles! Both thumbs up!
  • Tana B.
    Tana Babcockพฤศจิกายน 13, 2016
    Such a great show! Well worth it! My only complaint - it was so loud I ended up plugging my ears a lot of the time. Maybe just where I was sitting...still worth it!
  • Talya A.
    Talya Arbisserมิถุนายน 6, 2017
    This Beatles fan loved every minute of the show! Really fantastic! Not your typical cirque show due to less acrobatics - but for me that didn't matter - the music and the visuals rocked!
  • Blaire C.
    Blaire Churchesสิงหาคม 17, 2014
    If you're a die hard Beatles fan you will enjoy this show more than others as you will pick up on little stories and characters from the Beatles life and music that others may miss. Great show!!!!
    โหวตขึ้น 2/Dec/2017
  • Lanza
    Lanzaพฤษภาคม 26, 2016
    Choose seats in the middle, not too close or too far from stage. It's better to enjoy the sea. Doesn't make sense? It will after you see the show. ;)
  • April K.
    April Keulเมษายน 23, 2013
    One of the best shows I've ever seen. Definitely entertaining. Go thirsty and order one of the big specialty drinks before the show. Delicious and intoxicating!
  • Gisela
    Giselaพฤศจิกายน 18, 2016
    La selección musical integrada con los actos circenses es de excelente calidad. El show es muy llamativo desde el inicio, nunca hay un momento donde uno se pueda aburrir, súper recomendable!
  • David K.
    David Kennyกันยายน 26, 2016
    Amazing set designs and transitions between each song/section, very vibrant colours, great performance and music of course - would recommend this show!
  • Edwulf
    Edwulfกรกฎาคม 21, 2015
    Is more a music show than a circus one. Perhaps you will miss the wow factor. Good dancers and interpretation but little to no acrobatics. A must to all Beatles fans
  • Eduardo G.
    Eduardo Godinhoกุมภาพันธ์ 10, 2017
    Very good show, with good prices (I took the cheap and was good view). I don't like Beatles but liked the show, if you like, you will love for sure
  • DJ R.
    DJ Rydeenพฤษภาคม 15, 2015
    To my surprise, this show managed to bring a sense of unity with all the songs featured through the visuals and 'storyline.' An absolute must if you're a Beatles fan.
  • Sarah S.
    Sarah Smithกุมภาพันธ์ 4, 2015
    This Cirque du Soleil show has a lot for you to look at, but you won't be disappointed. Just be sure to have a ride back to wherever you are staying.
  • Mari
    Mariกรกฎาคม 8, 2016
    Amazing show! Even if you are not a Beatles' fan, you'll enjoy it. Music and performances are awesome!
  • Yvonne P.
    Yvonne Petersกรกฎาคม 16, 2015
    Haven't seen it yet, Heard wonderful things about it. Been wanting to see it for years now I can't wait to be there and feel the music of The Beatles "Love" I can hardly wait to see the Show.
  • Darren F.
    Darren Farrisธันวาคม 30, 2010
    Get upper seats (full pano-views). DO NOT sit next to anyone 50+ wearing antiwar regalia unless you want to literally relive the summer of love. Take a fellow fan so you can walk out in awe together.
  • Sophie P.
    Sophie Parksมิถุนายน 25, 2015
    This is my favorite Cirque show. The music is obviously fantastic and the show is full of amazing stunts. Gorgeous and exciting the whole time.
  • Richard Krawczyk @.
    Richard Krawczyk @TheMrBlueprintกุมภาพันธ์ 18, 2014
    Love" is an attack on your visual senses. Different and better than I expected. Great psychedelic interpretation of the evolution of the Beatles music.
  • Dailoc N.
    Dailoc Nguyenกรกฎาคม 8, 2013
    If you even remotely like the Beatles you'll love this. Lots of action on stage so it's a little hard to keep up at times. Loved. It.
  • Kass K.
    Kass Kธันวาคม 28, 2013
    My favourite cirque show and favourite show on the strip by far. Great theatre! There isn't a bad seat in the house.
  • Pilar O.
    Pilar Ortegaมีนาคม 24, 2013
    This is, by far, the best show I have ever experienced. Visually stunning and so emotionally moving. I will go back and see it again!
  • Andrea Della A.
    Andrea Della Adrianoมิถุนายน 5, 2012
    There's not much of a spectacular Cirque du Soleil style of acrobatics. Most of it is art and good interpretations of each song in the Beatles' album LOVE(duh.)
  • Zachary H.
    Zachary Hayesมิถุนายน 13, 2013
    This show was amazing. Ive seen two of their previous touring shows, but it didn't compare to them playing in their own arena. Don't get front row seats better views are had higher up.
  • Gaby E.
    Gaby Escobarกันยายน 11, 2016
    Muy buena adaptación de la buena música con el baile, las acrobacias y los cambios de escenario, muy recomendable
  • SJ8544123 L.
    SJ8544123 Lมีนาคม 15, 2015
    I really enjoyed the show last night :) don't know much about their songs but I loved it~ lots of acrobatics n stunts (which makes the show more impressive!)
  • Moshe S.
    Moshe Sananesพฤศจิกายน 24, 2015
    Amazing show, incredible choreography, outstanding execution, and humm that music sounded really familiar. Don't miss it
  • Brad H.
    Brad Hagerพฤศจิกายน 16, 2015
    GREAT show, a visual feast. The acrobatics are amazing, lots of movement & color. A MUST if you like Beatles music.
  • Joan Sebastián M.
    Joan Sebastián Muñozมกราคม 20, 2013
    Vale la pena cada dólar gastado en el evento. El boleto más barato te deja apreciar mejor el espectáculo ya que hay demasiadas cosas pasando en el escenario al mismo tiempo.
  • Salvador A.
    Salvador Aragonกรกฎาคม 1, 2016
    El show vale la pena si te gusta la música de The Beatles, algo único y grandioso el show, desde cualquier asiento ves súper bien porque el foro es 360 grados
  • Carmina C.
    Carmina Castilloเมษายน 9, 2015
    Everything is great. This is a must in Las Vegas. Try to buy tickets in the morning so you can get better seats.
  • G ..
    G .กุมภาพันธ์ 28, 2012
    For all those who love the Beatles just as much as Cirque. The venue is rather large so sit up close to get the full 360 experience.
  • Best of Vegas
    Best of Vegasธันวาคม 27, 2012
    LOVE ™ takes you on musical journey through the 1960s. This is the only show of its kind that plays this compilation of the classic Beatles songs. AMAZING SHOW!
  • Amanda R.
    Amanda Robinsonตุลาคม 7, 2013
    Just do it! We paid $117 from tickets 4 tonight & got upper seats, these are the best seats in my opinion. Here comes the sun was amazing - that guy can move
  • Lauren J.
    Lauren Jonesพฤษภาคม 8, 2013
    One of the best shows I have EVER seen! Not a bad seat in the house so don't pay a fortune to sit close!
  • Natalie T.
    Natalie Timoteoธันวาคม 1, 2012
    Great show! I would highly recommend it. It's performed in the round so pretty much any seat is a good seat.
  • Morgan F.
    Morgan Fernandezสิงหาคม 26, 2013
    Saw it last summer with a discounted ticket but I would pay full price to see it again. I loved it and the gift shop is awesome!
  • C. Yvonne H.
    C. Yvonne Hickeyตุลาคม 18, 2010
    Def sit a little higher... Action from all angles... If you sit in a diff seat I would imagine it to be like seeing a diff show... Show has a nice sense of humor. Enjoy.
  • Cheryl F.
    Cheryl Francisกันยายน 26, 2010
    Incredible show! Sit low and towards the front if you want a lot of interaction with the cast, up high to see everything at once. Good luck, though! A lot to see!!
  • Dave N.
    Dave Nathanกันยายน 1, 2012
    Don't buy tickets from a wholesale online (ex. Vegas.com) as you will have to pick up the tickets at least 2 hours in advance and that can put a cramp in your day's plans.
  • Eleanor R.
    Eleanor Rigbyกรกฎาคม 23, 2016
    Esta increíble el show! Totalmente recomendado, si te gustan los beatles, lo amarás! Si no, también 😅 increíbles todas las representaciones de el disco "Love".
  • kathy
    kathyสิงหาคม 24, 2010
    One of the very best shows in Vegas! high energy from beginning to end! Would sit further back next time. Front row is great tho for interaction with the cast!
  • Natalie
    Natalieตุลาคม 5, 2015
    One of my favorite shows, it's a round stage so the higher up seats make it easier to see what's all going on.
  • Joseph H.
    Joseph H.เมษายน 21, 2016
    Fantastic music and artistry ! If you are a Beatles fan or a music fan, you must not miss this!
  • Cindy W.
    Cindy Wมีนาคม 31, 2014
    Wonderful show - great mix of dance and acrobatics. Fantastic production and impressive stage sets.
  • Todd S.
    Todd Sกันยายน 17, 2016
    WONDERFUL SHOW, Beatles music was sooo cool. Couldn't really see where a bad seat would be.


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