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The View from The Shard

The View from The Shard

Bermondsey, ลอนดอน
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  • Lucille F.
    Lucille Fisherกุมภาพันธ์ 10, 2015
    Lucky we picked the right day to go up Shard View. Best views & beautiful sunset. Go around 430pm & stay through sunset & evening to catch the changing light of the cityscape.
  • Olivian
    Olivianสิงหาคม 1, 2013
    Best time to go is in the evening, before sunset: you'll see the city in different 'lights'. If you know your schedule, book online before midnight for a discount. You may stay over the 30 mins slot.
  • Katie J.ไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Katie Jacksonเมษายน 23, 2013
    Book online to avoid disappointment. Check out the open air level too! Queue was pretty much none existent, took 5 mins to get in. Amazing views day & night, well worth the money. Stayed for 3 hours!
  • Melissa A.ไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Melissa Atwellสิงหาคม 22, 2013
    Consider this a must-see attraction in London! Go just before sunset. Note: in the colder seasons, bring a jacket or coat. The very top floor is partially exposed. It can get a little chilly!
  • Klelia R.ไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Klelia Ramosเมษายน 23
    Loved the view it is really amazing and totally worth it - please if you are not used to cold weather, take a jacked with you - it gets coooooold
  • Casey L.
    Casey Lambieพฤษภาคม 18, 2018
    If the view is cloudy or rain shuts off the top floor, mention it to staff. They will give you a coupon to go back again - free of charge.
  • Lars T.ไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Lars Trieloffมกราคม 19, 2016
    This is definitely one of the best lookout towers in Europe, if not the world. And London is a great city to look down to.
  • Gleb B.ไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Gleb Burovเมษายน 28, 2013
    Bonus: ask for using fire exit. It takes 10 minutes to get from 33 to 1st level.
  • Daniel P.ไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Daniel P.กุมภาพันธ์ 10, 2019
    Vale la pena la vista, si compras los boletos por Internet y con 5 días de antelación te salen a mitad de precio.
  • Lee H.
    Lee Hartกรกฎาคม 16, 2018
    London's tallest building and some spectacular views over the city! there are also 3 restaurants in the shard too, slightly lower level but still great views
  • Kyle F.ไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Kyle Fairclothเมษายน 27, 2016
    Amazing views...after battling the hustle and bustle of daily life in the city it's lovely to rediscover the beauty of the city from a different perspective.
  • Robert E.
    Robert Eklundสิงหาคม 8, 2013
    Worth the £25. A great view and you can stay as long as you want admiring it.
  • Jacques
    Jacquesพฤษภาคม 13, 2015
    Drink champagne whilst taking in the breathtaking views across London. There is a small gift shop at the top and a larger gift shop with a wider selection at the entrance before the lifts
  • cosmic
    cosmicกรกฎาคม 10, 2013
    Amazing views - as you'd expect. But pricey! £25 per person, plus another £25 if you want the cheesy greenscreen photo and a digital copy too. Still, to do once I'd recommend it.
  • Jenny B.ไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Jenny Birtพฤศจิกายน 23, 2015
    Best view in London. Would recommend going at night as the best time to appreciate it. May seem pricey but worth every penny when you're up there.
  • Tim I.
    Tim Itsกุมภาพันธ์ 6, 2017
    Didn't feel quite as high as I imagined, but enjoyed the views nevertheless. Can get crowded, but to ease the pain, get a glass of champagne with your ticket! ;)
  • Steven C.ไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Steven Carneกรกฎาคม 13, 2013
    Fantastic views but make sure you book your tickets in advance. Afterwards stroll down to the Thames for great views of Tower Bridge and the Tower of London.
  • Rafa C.
    Rafa Casillasมกราคม 24, 2018
    Reservar es importante ya que el lugar es formidable y está lleno siempre
  • Denis B.ไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Denis Bธันวาคม 30, 2017
    Quite expensive tickets, but the best view at London from highest building in Europe. Catch sunny weather and promotional discounts!
  • Tim B.
    Tim Beaverสิงหาคม 6, 2013
    there is a secret bathroom at the top, providing the best view from any toilet seat in London. Ask the staff at the top.
  • Stef M.ไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Stef Mattanaกรกฎาคม 27, 2016
    A bit expensive but worth every penny. The top floor is like a roof bar so expect people sat on the windows = not easy to stay close tothem
  • Jack S.ไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Jack Smithมกราคม 7, 2017
    There's a considerable price difference between booking in advance either online or at the ticket office and purchasing tickets on the day. Its worth planning ahead, even if it's 24 hours.
  • A.J
    A.Jกุมภาพันธ์ 5, 2013
    Highest point in Europe. Must do if you're in London.. Go to the 72nd floor first before coming down. And brace yourself its cold on top.. :)
  • Alvaro Luis C.
    Alvaro Luis Cruzกรกฎาคม 8, 2013
    Almoçe no Aqua Shard 31andar. Lunch menu, elegante e com a mesma vista do topo.
  • Amr A.ไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Amr Allafตุลาคม 12, 2017
    Magnificent view from the top! Must do if u like such experiences. The staff was extremely nice and helpful.
  • George M.
    George MacDสิงหาคม 25, 2014
    Absolutely fantastic - well worth it. It's like being in a plane over London but actually having the time to enjoy the view!
  • Melissa A.ไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Melissa Atwellสิงหาคม 13, 2013
    Absolutely stunning! One of the must-see attractions in London. Book your tickets in advance to make your entry smooth as silk.
  • Iliana H.ไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Iliana Herrastiเมษายน 6, 2022
    Vale la pena el costo, la vista es maravillosa y puedes tomar un brunch en el Skydeck
  • Nicole M.ไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Nicole Millsพฤศจิกายน 2
    Grab a gelato or a drink from the bar on the top floor.
  • Pamไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Pamตุลาคม 17, 2015
    Die Aussicht ist tagsüber sowie abends atemberaubend. Tickets kosten ca. 35€.
  • Lee M.
    Lee McCallumพฤศจิกายน 14, 2020
    The London Shard is just one iconic place on today’s almighty destination for sightseeing. Not one to miss out on!
  • Chris R.ไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Chris R (thechristophe)กุมภาพันธ์ 12, 2017
    Great views, go just before sunset. Climb the stairs to floor 72 to be outside at the top of the tallest building in the European Union.
  • @AnnieOnline
    @AnnieOnlineสิงหาคม 5, 2015
    Make sure to use the Loo with a View! Floor 68
  • Amber L.ไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Amber Leniorตุลาคม 28, 2018
    Beautiful view, delicious ice cream at the top. There is also a bar and other food stands.
  • Hervé
    Hervéกันยายน 6, 2014
    The best view of London. There is a bar and You can buy a bottle of champagne
  • José F.
    José Fernandezเมษายน 24, 2013
    Great view over London, compare it to Empire State Building view in NYC. But quite expensive (29,90 £) to go up and down in less than 20 minutes...
  • Dean
    Deanเมษายน 8, 2015
    Incredibly expensive, £60 for two adults. Great views of London but wouldn't do it again.
  • Camille V.ไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Camille Verdierตุลาคม 15, 2015
    Amazing view at an expensive cost. It's worth going there once to see the whole of London, as it is quite an amazing sight. Don't forget to reserve your ticket in advance! And try going at sunset
  • Alexander P.
    Alexander Pกรกฎาคม 17, 2013
    A truly sublime spot! Try to be there for sunset and don't forget your headphones and good music!
  • Ken M.ไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Ken Mizunoสิงหาคม 3, 2013
    Amazing viewpoint of London! Make sure to book your tickets in advance online to save some $$$
  • Allen J.
    Allen Jenningsสิงหาคม 29, 2013
    Buy online to save money and then book in advance to guarantee your time of visit. The views are worth every penny, just amazing.
  • Giorgio M.
    Giorgio Mazzeiสิงหาคม 8, 2014
    Expensive, but the view is amazing. Do try the toilets with the glass exterior wall between the two lifts to the top.
  • Sony N.
    Sony Nairกุมภาพันธ์ 17, 2013
    Book tickets in advance at as all slots are usually booked if you just turn up: http://www.theviewfromtheshard.com/
  • Nada B.ไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Nada Berdikovaกันยายน 10, 2018
    So lovely and cool ...my best time at London....i feel like a dream😍
  • Robbert H.ไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Robbert Hozeeกุมภาพันธ์ 25, 2017
    Expensive for what it is, but booking cheaper tickets in advance through a discount site is risky as it might be cloudy on the day you go and you spent your money at no view at all...
  • Tayyare F.
    Tayyare Flyingพฤษภาคม 19, 2016
    Nice to see all London, definetely better view in a sunny day but you must be very lucky for that in this city
  • Remi L.
    Remi Lefevreเมษายน 6, 2013
    A great idea if you're into views, otherwise avoid this pricey attraction. Make sure not to book too much in advance as the weather forecast needs to be clear.
  • Alex B.
    Alex Baxevanisกุมภาพันธ์ 17, 2013
    Book in advance - no guarantee of availability on the day, and advance prices are a bit cheaper.
  • Sebastian F.ไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Sebastian Fiebakมีนาคม 1, 2015
    Der Ausblick ist der Wahnsinn
  • Elena E.
    Elena E.กันยายน 5, 2013
    The view is breathtaking, and when the sun begins to set, it's magical. Shame there's nowhere to sit, and no bar!


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