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California Breweries
St. Florian's Brewery is one of California Breweries.

1. St. Florian's Brewery

7704A Bell Rd. (at Cameron Dr.), Windsor, CA
โรงเบียร์ · ไม่มีคำแนะนำและคำวิจารณ์
Stumptown Brewery is one of California Breweries.

2. Stumptown Brewery

15045 River Rd, Guerneville, CA
โรงเบียร์ · 28 คำแนะนำและคำวิจารณ์

Shea G.Shea Grove: Enjoy a beer on the patio with a view of the river!

Woodfour Brewing Company is one of California Breweries.

3. Woodfour Brewing Company

6780 Depot St (at The Barlow), Sebastopol, CA
โรงเบียร์ · 19 คำแนะนำและคำวิจารณ์

Sara T.Sara Taylor: Big outdoor patio with lots of umbrellas. Dog friendly too. Delicious Mexican food - definitely recommend the cashews and the salad! Try their sour.

Fogbelt Brewing Company is one of California Breweries.

4. Fogbelt Brewing Company

1305 Cleveland Ave, Santa Rosa, CA
โรงเบียร์ · 22 คำแนะนำและคำวิจารณ์

Sara T.Sara Taylor: Nice outdoor seating space to enjoy their food and delicious beer

Russian River Brewing Company is one of California Breweries.

5. Russian River Brewing Company

725 4th St (btwn D & E St.), Santa Rosa, CA
โรงเบียร์ · 325 คำแนะนำและคำวิจารณ์

Mariela M.Mariela Murphy: Beer was great and the pizza - heavenly. Crowded but a very fun atmosphere. Bartenders were a mixed bag: if you got a good, friendly one then golden. Would visit again.

Brewster's Beer Garden is one of California Breweries.

6. Brewster's Beer Garden

229 Water St, Petaluma, CA
โรงเบียร์ · 11 คำแนะนำและคำวิจารณ์

Jacky T.Jacky Tse: Great beer selection, nice open outdoor area, good for kids to run around.

Lagunitas Brewing Company is one of California Breweries.

7. Lagunitas Brewing Company

1280 N McDowell Blvd (at Scott St), Petaluma, CA
โรงเบียร์ · 209 คำแนะนำและคำวิจารณ์

Mika S.Mika S: Large, outdoor garden space with live music!

Bear Republic Brewery is one of California Breweries.

8. Bear Republic Brewery

5000 Roberts Lake Rd, Rohnert Park, CA
โรงเบียร์ · 3 คำแนะนำและคำวิจารณ์

Damian P.Damian P: Beer flights are awesome!