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Los Angeles by an LA Local
Venice Canals is one of Los Angeles by an LA Local.

1. Venice Canals

Dell Ave (at Howland Canal), Venice, CA
คลอง · Venice · 116 คำแนะนำและคำวิจารณ์

Juston P.Juston Payne: One of the most distinct places in LA, and also one of the best to stroll for a few hours. The houses' architecture is fascinating. Beware of marauding flocks of geese. They will snarl at you.

The Gaslite is one of Los Angeles by an LA Local.

2. The Gaslite

2030 Wilshire Blvd (at 20th St), แซนตามอนิกา, CA
บาร์ · West Los Angeles · 33 คำแนะนำและคำวิจารณ์

Juston P.Juston Payne: A hilariously terrible karaoke bar that distinguishes itself by offering NO private rooms. You get up on that stage and serenade every single person in the bar.

El Taurino is one of Los Angeles by an LA Local.

3. El Taurino

1104 S Hoover St (W 11th St), ลอสแอนเจลิส, CA
ร้านอาหารเม็กซิกัน · Pico Union · 116 คำแนะนำและคำวิจารณ์

Juston P.Juston Payne: This a good burrito, maybe the best of the burritos. Eat this burrito. Also, for those looking for a bit of that fabled "local flavor," you'll get it here.

J. Paul Getty Museum is one of Los Angeles by an LA Local.

4. J. Paul Getty Museum

1200 Getty Center Dr, ลอสแอนเจลิส, CA
พิพิธภัณฑ์ศิลปะ · Brentwood · 501 คำแนะนำและคำวิจารณ์

Juston P.Juston Payne: Come for the art. Come for the architecture. Come for the gardens. Come for the food. Just come here.

Singapore's Banana Leaf is one of Los Angeles by an LA Local.

5. Singapore's Banana Leaf

6333 W 3rd St, ลอสแอนเจลิส, CA
ร้านอาหารมาเลย์ · Mid-City West · 39 คำแนะนำและคำวิจารณ์

Juston P.Juston Payne: Get the mee goreng with an egg. It's phenomenal. Michael, the owner, is a cool dude.

Runyon Canyon Park is one of Los Angeles by an LA Local.

6. Runyon Canyon Park

N. Fuller Ave. (at Hillside Ave.), ลอสแอนเจลิส, CA
ลู่ · 362 คำแนะนำและคำวิจารณ์

Juston P.Juston Payne: Miles of well-traffic trails with great views of the city and the Hollywood sign. And, if you're one of those people who recognizes b-list celebrities, you'll enjoy it here.

The GRAMMY Museum is one of Los Angeles by an LA Local.

7. The GRAMMY Museum

800 W Olympic Blvd (at Figueroa St), ลอสแอนเจลิส, CA
พิพิธภัณฑ์ · South Park · 84 คำแนะนำและคำวิจารณ์

Juston P.Juston Payne: Much cooler than I would have expected. Neat interactive elements and good diversity of topics.

8. The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens

1151 Oxford Rd, San Marino, CA
พิพิธภัณฑ์ · 111 คำแนะนำและคำวิจารณ์

Juston P.Juston Payne: The whole place is spectacular, but I'm particularly partial to the cactus garden, which looks like it's a set from a low-budget sci-fi movie.

The Original Farmers Market is one of Los Angeles by an LA Local.

9. The Original Farmers Market

6333 W 3rd St (at Fairfax Ave.), ลอสแอนเจลิส, CA
ตลาดสินค้าเกษตร · Mid-City West · 313 คำแนะนำและคำวิจารณ์

Juston P.Juston Payne: Visit at sunset, grab a table, get a beer, and grab some food. Life will be good.Pro-tip: park in the lot on the left as you're driving in. Just don't forget to get your parking validated.

Heritage Wine Company is one of Los Angeles by an LA Local.

10. Heritage Wine Company

155 N Raymond Ave, แพซาดีนา, CA
บาร์ไวน์ · Pasadena Civic Center District · 3 คำแนะนำและคำวิจารณ์

Juston P.Juston Payne: Great wine flights for $15!

11. Jim Hall Kart Racing School

10 Harbor Blvd (at Seaside Park), Ventura, CA
สนามแข่ง / สนามม้า · 1 ทิปส์

Juston P.Juston Payne: Did you know that driving 60 MPH in a shifter kart feels like driving 200 MPH in a regular car? Well, this is the place to prove it. It's awesome.

Venice Beach is one of Los Angeles by an LA Local.

12. Venice Beach

Pacific Ave (Speedway), Venice, CA
ชายหาด · Venice Beach · 603 คำแนะนำและคำวิจารณ์

Juston P.Juston Payne: One word: Baywatch. Two more words: David Hasselhoff.

The Hollywood Bowl is one of Los Angeles by an LA Local.

13. The Hollywood Bowl

2301 N Highland Ave (at Hollywood Bowl Rd), ลอสแอนเจลิส, CA
สถานที่เล่นดนตรี · 435 คำแนะนำและคำวิจารณ์

Juston P.Juston Payne: Pick a warm evening and go see a show. It doesn't really matter if you're into the music; the setting itself is more than enough to make it a great night.

La Brea Tar Pits & Museum is one of Los Angeles by an LA Local.

14. La Brea Tar Pits & Museum

5801 Wilshire Blvd, ลอสแอนเจลิส, CA
โบราณสถาน · Mid-City West · 112 คำแนะนำและคำวิจารณ์

Juston P.Juston Payne: This is more of a curiosity than a phenomenal destination, but it's worth stopping by to witness the tragic scene of a baby wooly mammoth watch its mother sink into a pit of tar.

Walt Disney Concert Hall is one of Los Angeles by an LA Local.

15. Walt Disney Concert Hall

111 S Grand Ave (btwn 1st & 2nd St), ลอสแอนเจลิส, CA
ห้องแสดงคอนเสิร์ตขนาดใหญ่ · Bunker Hill · 164 คำแนะนำและคำวิจารณ์

Juston P.Juston Payne: Frank Geary at his best. Try to take a boring photograph of this thing. Just try.

Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels is one of Los Angeles by an LA Local.

16. Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels

555 W Temple St, ลอสแอนเจลิส, CA
โบสถ์ · Civic Center · 32 คำแนะนำและคำวิจารณ์

Juston P.Juston Payne: Take a stroll inside -- it's a remarkable structure and, if you're lucky, you'll hear that amazing pipe organ growling away.

The Griddle Cafe is one of Los Angeles by an LA Local.

17. The Griddle Cafe

7916 W Sunset Blvd (at Fairfax Ave.), ลอสแอนเจลิส, CA
ร้านอาหารเช้า · 454 คำแนะนำและคำวิจารณ์

Juston P.Juston Payne: Whole wheat pancake with brown sugar. Get it. No human can eat the stack of 3; 1 is typically sufficient. The french press coffee will make your head-a-splode.

Baja Fresh is one of Los Angeles by an LA Local.

18. Baja Fresh

6333 W Sunset Blvd (Vine St.), ลอสแอนเจลิส, CA
ร้านอาหารเม็กซิกัน · Central Hollywood · 9 คำแนะนำและคำวิจารณ์

Juston P.Juston Payne: Yeah, yeah, yeah, it's a chain. Deal with it. The baja burrito is totally tasty and they use a nice, firm tortilla that actually holds all the stuffings together.

Hollywood Bowl Overlook is one of Los Angeles by an LA Local.

19. Hollywood Bowl Overlook

7036 Mulholland Dr, ลอสแอนเจลิส, CA
จุดชมวิว · Hollywood Hills · 27 คำแนะนำและคำวิจารณ์

Juston P.Juston Payne: This is one of the better overlooks in the city. You get downtown, the ocean, and the Hollywood Sign.

ArcLight Cinemas is one of Los Angeles by an LA Local.

20. ArcLight Cinemas

6360 W Sunset Blvd (btwn Ivar & Vine), ลอสแอนเจลิส, CA
โรงภาพยนตร์มัลติเพล็กซ์ · Central Hollywood · 304 คำแนะนำและคำวิจารณ์

Juston P.Juston Payne: Great screens with reserved seats. They validate parking for the lot next door, too. In other words, this is a totally hassle-free movie going experience.

Palms Thai Restaurant is one of Los Angeles by an LA Local.

21. Palms Thai Restaurant

5900 Hollywood Blvd Ste B (at N Bronson Ave), ลอสแอนเจลิส, CA
ร้านอาหารไทย · 113 คำแนะนำและคำวิจารณ์

Juston P.Juston Payne: Yeah, they have that weird Elvis thing going. But they also make a killer penang curry and great pad kee mao. If you want real spice, ask for "Thai Person Spicy."

Old Town Pasadena is one of Los Angeles by an LA Local.

22. Old Town Pasadena

แพซาดีนา, CA
ละแวกบ้าน · 51 คำแนะนำและคำวิจารณ์

Juston P.Juston Payne: On a clear day, the San Gabriel mountains provide a fine backdrop to this newly renovated shopping area.

Santa Catalina Island is one of Los Angeles by an LA Local.

23. Santa Catalina Island

Avalon, CA
เกาะ · 45 คำแนะนำและคำวิจารณ์

Juston P.Juston Payne: Splurge on the fast catamaran, rent a bike on the island, and spend the day poking around this island. Bonus points if you find the herd of buffalo, which were brought here in the 1920's for a movie.

Matsuhisa is one of Los Angeles by an LA Local.

24. Matsuhisa

129 N LA Cienega Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA
ร้านซูชิ · West Los Angeles · 88 คำแนะนำและคำวิจารณ์

Juston P.Juston Payne: Expensive? Yes. Delicious? Yes.

Griffith Park Trail is one of Los Angeles by an LA Local.

25. Griffith Park Trail

W Observatory Trail (Western Canyon Rd), ลอสแอนเจลิส, CA
ลู่ · 79 คำแนะนำและคำวิจารณ์

Juston P.Juston Payne: Less trafficked than Runyan Canyon. Lots of that typically LA shrubbery.

Dimples is one of Los Angeles by an LA Local.

26. Dimples

3413 W Olive Ave, เบอร์แบงก์, CA
บาร์คาราโอเกะ · 27 คำแนะนำและคำวิจารณ์

Juston P.Juston Payne: I'm partial to The Gas Lite. However, Dimples does offer costumes to singers, so if you've ever wanted to dress up as a football singer while singing Britney, go here.

Sunset Ranch Hollywood Stables is one of Los Angeles by an LA Local.

27. Sunset Ranch Hollywood Stables

3400 N Beachwood Dr, ลอสแอนเจลิส, CA
คอกม้า · 10 คำแนะนำและคำวิจารณ์

Juston P.Juston Payne: If riding a horse on Los Angeles trails is your cup of tea, this is your place.

Samy's Camera is one of Los Angeles by an LA Local.

28. Samy's Camera

431 S Fairfax Ave (btwn Drexel & Colgate), ลอสแอนเจลิส, CA
ร้านจำหน่ายกล้อง · Mid-City West · 43 คำแนะนำและคำวิจารณ์

Juston P.Juston Payne: This is Los Angeles's answer to New York's B&H. It's a huge and impressive store with wildly knowledgeable employees.

Melrose Strip is one of Los Angeles by an LA Local.

29. Melrose Strip

ลอสแอนเจลิส, CA
ร้านเสื้อผ้า · Mid-City West · 4 คำแนะนำและคำวิจารณ์

Juston P.Juston Payne: The other side of the Rodeo Dr. coin: a freaky, funky, and young string of shops. The only challenge is finding a parking spot where you won't get ticketed (lots of permit-only streets).

Château Marmont is one of Los Angeles by an LA Local.

30. Château Marmont

8221 W Sunset Blvd (at Marmont Ln), West Hollywood, CA
โรงแรม · West Los Angeles · 131 คำแนะนำและคำวิจารณ์

Juston P.Juston Payne: If you want to have an "I sat next to [celebrity]" moment, go into the hotel and go to the bar. This is different than the main bar, which is frequented by, well, not celebrities.

La Brea Bakery is one of Los Angeles by an LA Local.

31. La Brea Bakery

468 S La Brea Ave (at W 6th St), ลอสแอนเจลิส, CA
เบเกอรี่ · 59 คำแนะนำและคำวิจารณ์

Juston P.Juston Payne: These guys provide the bread to every reputable place in LA. Go to the source for some serious tastiness.

Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival is one of Los Angeles by an LA Local.

32. Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival

Avenue 50 (btwn Madison & Monroe St), Indio, CA
งานเทศกาลดนตรี · 183 คำแนะนำและคำวิจารณ์

Juston P.Juston Payne: Music, art, tents, dust, sun, booze, sculptures, sweat, and lots of bathrooms. Gochella!

J. Paul Getty Villa is one of Los Angeles by an LA Local.

33. J. Paul Getty Villa

17985 Pacific Coast Hwy, Pacific Palisades, CA
พิพิธภัณฑ์ศิลปะ · Pacific Palisades · 132 คำแนะนำและคำวิจารณ์

Juston P.Juston Payne: Purrty structure and purrty views. Oh, and purry art.

The Grove is one of Los Angeles by an LA Local.

34. The Grove

189 The Grove Dr (at W 3rd St), ลอสแอนเจลิส, CA
ศูนย์การค้า · Mid-City West · 655 คำแนะนำและคำวิจารณ์

Juston P.Juston Payne: Don't think of it as a mall. Think of it as a lovely street crafted to evoke Parisian promenades... with an awesome Apple Store in the middle.

Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) is one of Los Angeles by an LA Local.

35. Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA)

5905 Wilshire Blvd (at S Ogden Dr), ลอสแอนเจลิส, CA
พิพิธภัณฑ์ศิลปะ · Mid-City West · 441 คำแนะนำและคำวิจารณ์

Juston P.Juston Payne: A completely worthwhile museum made all the more worthwhile by the insanely photogenic lamp posts installation in front of the main entrance.

Two Rodeo is one of Los Angeles by an LA Local.

36. Two Rodeo

9480 Dayton Way (at Rodeo Dr.), Beverly Hills, CA
ศูนย์การค้า · West Los Angeles · 11 คำแนะนำและคำวิจารณ์

Juston P.Juston Payne: You know how people call Whole Foods "Whole Paycheck?" That title would be better assigned here.

Lake Hollywood Reservoir is one of Los Angeles by an LA Local.

37. Lake Hollywood Reservoir

Lake Hollywood Dr, ลอสแอนเจลิส, CA
อ่างเก็บน้ำ · 21 คำแนะนำและคำวิจารณ์

Juston P.Juston Payne: People go here to walk around a bunch of water. It's more entertaining than it sounds.

Il Cielo is one of Los Angeles by an LA Local.

38. Il Cielo

9018 Burton Way, Beverly Hills, CA
ร้านอาหารอิตาเลียน · West Los Angeles · 21 คำแนะนำและคำวิจารณ์

Juston P.Juston Payne: These guys know how to cook a filet mignon.

Amoeba Music is one of Los Angeles by an LA Local.

39. Amoeba Music

6400 W Sunset Blvd (btwn Ivar & Cahuenga Blvd), ลอสแอนเจลิส, CA
ร้านแผ่นเสียง / แผ่นเพลง · Central Hollywood · 302 คำแนะนำและคำวิจารณ์

Juston P.Juston Payne: Arguably the best nostalgia shop in Los Angeles. You can buy "CDs" here! Additionally, live acts cruise through and play short, free sets.

Pacific Design Center is one of Los Angeles by an LA Local.

40. Pacific Design Center

8687 Melrose Ave (at San Vicente Blvd), West Hollywood, CA
สตูดิโอออกแบบ · 29 คำแนะนำและคำวิจารณ์

Juston P.Juston Payne: If you like interior design, this is kinda the greatest place on earth. Be warned: you can't just walk into all the showrooms and buy stuff; that privilege is reserved for interior designers.

Urth Caffé is one of Los Angeles by an LA Local.

41. Urth Caffé

8565 Melrose Ave (at Westmount Dr), West Hollywood, CA
ร้านอาหารและกาแฟ · 485 คำแนะนำและคำวิจารณ์

Juston P.Juston Payne: Often crazily crowded, but sitting outside on a nice day with a latte is never a bad choice.

Sushi Mac is one of Los Angeles by an LA Local.

42. Sushi Mac

8474 W 3rd St (La Cienega), ลอสแอนเจลิส, CA
ร้านซูชิ · Mid-City West · 21 คำแนะนำและคำวิจารณ์

Juston P.Juston Payne: It's not very good and probably contains 3000% the legal tolerance of mercury, but it'll also cost you less than $10.

Pacific Coast Highway is one of Los Angeles by an LA Local.

43. Pacific Coast Highway

Pacific Coast Highway, Pacific Palisades, CA
ชายหาด · 20 คำแนะนำและคำวิจารณ์

Juston P.Juston Payne: Take that rental car and drive along this highway. If you're lucky enough to not hit traffic, don't get too excited. Cops thoroughly enjoy giving tickets here.

Tudor House is one of Los Angeles by an LA Local.

44. Tudor House

1403 2nd St (at Santa Monica Blvd), แซนตามอนิกา, CA
ร้านน้ำชา · Downtown Santa Monica · 7 คำแนะนำและคำวิจารณ์

Juston P.Juston Payne: This is where to go to get all things English, including tea and scones in the back room.

Westfield Century City is one of Los Angeles by an LA Local.

45. Westfield Century City

10250 Santa Monica Blvd (at Century Park West), ลอสแอนเจลิส, CA
ศูนย์การค้า · Century City · 162 คำแนะนำและคำวิจารณ์

Juston P.Juston Payne: Totally normal mall with a twist that will delight anyone from parts of the world that don't have LA's lovely weather: it's entirely open-air. Like, no roof. Yeah, that's how confident LA is.

Father's Office is one of Los Angeles by an LA Local.

46. Father's Office

1018 Montana Ave (btwn 10th & 11th St), แซนตามอนิกา, CA
กาสโตรผับ · Wilshire-Montana · 203 คำแนะนำและคำวิจารณ์

Juston P.Juston Payne: While everyone works themselves into a tizzy over In-N-Out, go here to get a seriously delicious burger. Great beer selection, too.

In-N-Out Burger is one of Los Angeles by an LA Local.

47. In-N-Out Burger

922 Gayley Ave (at Le Conte Ave), ลอสแอนเจลิส, CA
ร้านเบอร์เกอร์ · Westwood Village · 152 คำแนะนำและคำวิจารณ์

Juston P.Juston Payne: Shake Shack in New York absolutely demolishes In-N-Out's burgers. Suck it, LA.

Hollywood Burbank Airport (BUR) is one of Los Angeles by an LA Local.

48. Hollywood Burbank Airport (BUR)

2627 N Hollywood Way (at Empire Ave), เบอร์แบงก์, CA
สนามบิน · 553 คำแนะนำและคำวิจารณ์

Juston P.Juston Payne: Use this instead of LAX whenever possible. It's smaller and much more manageable.

O Dae San Korean BBQ is one of Los Angeles by an LA Local.

49. O Dae San Korean BBQ

2889 W Olympic Blvd (S Kenmore Ave), ลอสแอนเจลิส, CA
ร้านอาหารเกาหลี · Wilshire Center - Koreatown · 41 คำแนะนำและคำวิจารณ์

Juston P.Juston Payne: Korean BBQ, baby! Totally affordable and equally delicious. Get the all you can eat option and eat all you can.

MOCA is one of Los Angeles by an LA Local.

50. MOCA

250 S Grand Ave (at W 3rd St), ลอสแอนเจลิส, CA
พิพิธภัณฑ์ศิลปะ · Bunker Hill · 90 คำแนะนำและคำวิจารณ์

Juston P.Juston Payne: Nifty museum with a nifty Thursday evening special: free admission!

Rooftop Bar at The Standard is one of Los Angeles by an LA Local.

51. Rooftop Bar at The Standard

550 S Flower St (at 6th St), ลอสแอนเจลิส, CA
ชั้นดาดฟ้า · Financial District · 153 คำแนะนำและคำวิจารณ์

Juston P.Juston Payne: If you're looking for a little swank, head up to this roof bar and lay inside one of those huge Hershey's Kisses.

52. Downtown Los Angeles Artwalk

411 S Main St (at W 4th St), ลอสแอนเจลิส, CA
ห้องแสดงภาพศิลปะ · Downtown Los Angeles · 76 คำแนะนำและคำวิจารณ์

Juston P.Juston Payne: Is it the second Tuesday of the month? If so, git yerself downtown between 12:00pm and 9:00pm cuz there's some arting going down. Go earlier if you want lighter crowds. And you don't have a job.

Hotel Figueroa is one of Los Angeles by an LA Local.

53. Hotel Figueroa

939 S Figueroa St (at Olympic), ลอสแอนเจลิส, CA
โรงแรม · South Park · 49 คำแนะนำและคำวิจารณ์

Juston P.Juston Payne: It's easy to walk past this place, but the interior is an extraordinary example of 1920's Moroccan design. Stop in for a coffee or a drink, or just look around. Make sure you visit the courtyard.

iO West Theater is one of Los Angeles by an LA Local.

54. iO West Theater

6366 Hollywood Blvd (btw Cahuenga & Vine), ลอสแอนเจลิส, CA
คลับแสดงตลก · Central Hollywood · 45 คำแนะนำและคำวิจารณ์

Juston P.Juston Payne: Get tickets for the Saturday night shows. They're consistently marvelous.

Rideau Vineyard is one of Los Angeles by an LA Local.

55. Rideau Vineyard

1562 Alamo Pintado Rd, Solvang, CA
โรงกลั่นไวน์ · 13 คำแนะนำและคำวิจารณ์

Juston P.Juston Payne: Rideau is one of many wineries that are within day-tripping distance of LA. Just remember to make sure the driver spits.

Electric Lotus is one of Los Angeles by an LA Local.

56. Electric Lotus

4656 Franklin Ave (N Vermont Ave), ลอสแอนเจลิส, CA
ร้านอาหารอินเดีย · Los Feliz · 10 คำแนะนำและคำวิจารณ์

Juston P.Juston Payne: My wife and I went on our first date here. Sorta. We didn't know it was a date at the time. Point being, you'll marry anyone with whom you dine.

Library Bar is one of Los Angeles by an LA Local.

57. Library Bar

7000 Hollywood Blvd (at Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel), ลอสแอนเจลิส, CA
บาร์ในโรงแรม · Central Hollywood · 60 คำแนะนำและคำวิจารณ์

Juston P.Juston Payne: Come here for bonafide cocktails. Then, if you're feeling feisty, wander to the Tropicana Bar. Thom Yorke showed up there once, you know.

Doughboys Cafe & Bakery is one of Los Angeles by an LA Local.

58. Doughboys Cafe & Bakery

8136 W 3rd St (btw Kilkea & La Jolla), ลอสแอนเจลิส, CA
ร้านอาหารเช้า · Mid-City West · 94 คำแนะนำและคำวิจารณ์

Juston P.Juston Payne: Sandwiches, soups, and breads are fantastic. Be warned: they're also huge.

Los Angeles County Arboretum and Botanic Garden is one of Los Angeles by an LA Local.

59. Los Angeles County Arboretum and Botanic Garden

301 N Baldwin Ave, Arcadia, CA
สวน · 54 คำแนะนำและคำวิจารณ์

Juston P.Juston Payne: Oh, sure, it's a lovely garden, but the stars of the show are the peacocks that roam about the grounds.

Rotisserie Chicken of California is one of Los Angeles by an LA Local.

60. Rotisserie Chicken of California

24 N Los Robles Ave, แพซาดีนา, CA
ร้านขายไก่ทอด · Playhouse District · 7 คำแนะนำและคำวิจารณ์

Juston P.Juston Payne: Get the Japanese Mustard Dressing and slather it on everything in sight. It's one of the most wildly delicious dressings I've ever had.

Sherman Oaks Castle Park is one of Los Angeles by an LA Local.

61. Sherman Oaks Castle Park

4989 Sepulveda Blvd, Sherman Oaks, CA
สถานบันเทิงทั่วไป · Sherman Oaks · 39 คำแนะนำและคำวิจารณ์

Juston P.Juston Payne: Remember being 16? You had a car, but the only wholesome activities available were minigolf, an arcade, or batting cages? This place has all 3, so you can revisit being 16 very efficiently.

Griffith Observatory is one of Los Angeles by an LA Local.

62. Griffith Observatory

2800 E Observatory Ave, ลอสแอนเจลิส, CA
หอสังเกตุการณ์ · 631 คำแนะนำและคำวิจารณ์

Juston P.Juston Payne: It's crowded, touristy, and often filled with screaming children, but it's a lovely structure with fantastic views. I suggest parking on the street below and taking the slightly strenuous walk up.

Rodeo Drive is one of Los Angeles by an LA Local.

63. Rodeo Drive

Rodeo Dr. (btw Wilshire and Santa Monica), Beverly Hills, CA
ถนน · West Los Angeles · 137 คำแนะนำและคำวิจารณ์

Juston P.Juston Payne: Use Rodeo as the launching point for a stroll around Beverly Hills. It's an easy way to prove that, true to its reputation, Beverly Hills is filled with rich people driving fancy cars.

Cobras and Matadors is one of Los Angeles by an LA Local.

64. Cobras and Matadors

7615 Beverly Blvd (at Curson Ave), ลอสแอนเจลิส, CA
ร้านทาพาส · Mid-City West · 25 คำแนะนำและคำวิจารณ์

Juston P.Juston Payne: Tasty tapas. Hip design. Good wine.

Cactus Taqueria is one of Los Angeles by an LA Local.

65. Cactus Taqueria

950 Vine St (at Barton Ave), ลอสแอนเจลิส, CA
ร้านทาโก้ · Central Hollywood · 92 คำแนะนำและคำวิจารณ์

Juston P.Juston Payne: It doesn't have curb appeal, but pour that green salsa on carnitas tacos and you'll be good to go. Oh, and they sell the oft-forgotten 1980's soda Cactus Cooler.

Carney's is one of Los Angeles by an LA Local.

66. Carney's

8351 W Sunset Blvd, ลอสแอนเจลิส, CA
ร้านขายฮอทดอก · West Los Angeles · 67 คำแนะนำและคำวิจารณ์

Juston P.Juston Payne: I'm not on board (see what I did there?) with the food. However, sitting outside with a burger and beer on a nice day during happy hour is good stuff. Bonussauce: free parking in the back.

Lucy's El Adobe Cafe is one of Los Angeles by an LA Local.

67. Lucy's El Adobe Cafe

5536 Melrose Ave (btwn Vine & Wilton), ลอสแอนเจลิส, CA
ร้านอาหารเม็กซิกัน · Larchmont · 29 คำแนะนำและคำวิจารณ์

Juston P.Juston Payne: Lucy's is perfect if you want totally good (but not absolutely excellent) Mexican food in an Old Guard of Los Angeles setting. Get the enchiladas or burrito and try to sit on the patio.

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is one of Los Angeles by an LA Local.

68. The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

6333 West 3rd Street (at Farmers Market), ลอสแอนเจลิส, CA
ร้านกาแฟ · Mid-City West · 27 คำแนะนำและคำวิจารณ์

Juston P.Juston Payne: This tip applies to all Coffee Beans: chai drinks are made with -- get this -- REAL tea. I know, crazy. No syrup at all. Also: this Coffee Bean validates parking for the Farmer's Market lots.