#visitUS in Des Moines, IA.
Iowa State Capitol is one of #visitUS in Des Moines, IA..

1. Iowa State Capitol

1007 E Grand Ave (at E 9th), ดิมอยน์, IA
อาคารกลาง · East Village · 43 คำแนะนำและคำวิจารณ์

Kerri S.Kerri Sorrell: One of the most beautiful capitols in the nation. Free tours include a 275 ft trip up in the dome and a breathtaking Law Library. Make sure to talk a walk around the gardens and monuments on the hill.

Iowa State Fairgrounds is one of #visitUS in Des Moines, IA..

2. Iowa State Fairgrounds

3000 E Grand Ave, ดิมอยน์, IA
งานแฟร์ · 115 คำแนะนำและคำวิจารณ์

Hilary H.Hilary Henak: Check out the Iowa Craft Beer Tent at the Iowa State Fair where you can try all kinds of beer crafted in Iowa. อ่านเพิ่มเติม

3. Pappajohn Sculpture Park

1330 Grand Avenue (13th Street & Grand Avenue), ดิมอยน์, IA
สวนประติมากรรม · Downtown Des Moines · 33 คำแนะนำและคำวิจารณ์
Downtown Des Moines Skywalk is one of #visitUS in Des Moines, IA..

4. Downtown Des Moines Skywalk

Downtown, ดิมอยน์, IA
อาคาร · Downtown Des Moines · 13 คำแนะนำและคำวิจารณ์

Chris S.Chris Snider: Who cares if it's -10 degrees outside. Downtown Des Moines buildings are connected by a series of tubes that allow you to walk from parking garage to work without ever having to face the elements.

Jordan Creek Town Center is one of #visitUS in Des Moines, IA..

5. Jordan Creek Town Center

101 Jordan Creek Pkwy (at Bridgewood Blvd.), West Des Moines, IA
ศูนย์การค้า · 69 คำแนะนำและคำวิจารณ์

Hilary H.Hilary Henak: During the Drake Relays watch pole vaulting inside the Jordan Creek Mall.

Principal Park is one of #visitUS in Des Moines, IA..

6. Principal Park

1 Line Dr, ดิมอยน์, IA
สนามแข่งเบสบอล · Downtown Des Moines · 45 คำแนะนำและคำวิจารณ์

Cori C.Cori Clark: Enjoy a bratwurst and a beer during a game at Principal Park while you watch a team of future sluggers. No one said a Minor League game had to be minor in fun.

7. Drake Stadium

Drake University, ดิมอยน์, IA
สนามกีฬาของวิทยาลัย · Drake · 13 คำแนะนำและคำวิจารณ์

Jaimie D.Jaimie Duffek: A celebrated tradition by Drake students, alumni and the Iowa community, the Drake Relays is an annual track and field event. It's become one of the largest/most important meets in the U.S.

People's Court is one of #visitUS in Des Moines, IA..

8. People's Court

216 Court Ave, ดิมอยน์, IA
บาร์ · Downtown Des Moines · 21 คำแนะนำและคำวิจารณ์

Kerri S.Kerri Sorrell: The place to catch familiar & arriving bands. Offers an intimate feel - it's not uncommon for bands to walk through the crowd or hang out with fans after shows. Tickets generally about $20. All ages.

Prairie Meadows is one of #visitUS in Des Moines, IA..

9. Prairie Meadows

1 Prairie Meadows Dr (at Adventureland Dr), Altoona, IA
คาสิโน · 50 คำแนะนำและคำวิจารณ์

Hilary H.Hilary Henak: Hear the hooves pounding and feel your heart race while watching thoroughbred and quarter horses cross the finish line. Enjoy the indoor/outdoor atmosphere while enjoying some delicious food.

Downtown Des Moines Farmers Market is one of #visitUS in Des Moines, IA..

10. Downtown Des Moines Farmers Market

400 E Court Ave (btw 5th & 1st St), ดิมอยน์, IA
ตลาดสินค้าเกษตร · Downtown Des Moines · 76 คำแนะนำและคำวิจารณ์

Hilary H.Hilary Henak: The Farmers' Market is an open-air street market in located in downtown's Historic Court District. The Market spans nine city blocks and boasts food, beverage and much more from over 200 vendors.

11. Historic Valley Junction

West Des Moines, IA
ละแวกบ้าน · 10 คำแนะนำและคำวิจารณ์

Mary Kate W.Mary Kate Wachtel: Take a trip back in time and try on some funky vintage outfits at Atomic Garage, then head over to Nan’s Nummies, an old-fashioned soda fountain and candy shop.

Des Moines Art Center is one of #visitUS in Des Moines, IA..

12. Des Moines Art Center

4700 Grand Ave (at Polk Blvd.), ดิมอยน์, IA
พิพิธภัณฑ์ศิลปะ · 26 คำแนะนำและคำวิจารณ์

Romelle S.Romelle Slaughter: There is always something to do here at the Art Center. You can view the art, take art classes, have lunch, or plan a wedding in the main lobby or out in Greenwood Park.

Gray's Lake Park is one of #visitUS in Des Moines, IA..

13. Gray's Lake Park

2101 Fleur Dr (Kruidenier Trail), ดิมอยน์, IA
สวนสาธารณะ · Greater South Side · 48 คำแนะนำและคำวิจารณ์

Seejo V.Seejo V: Run, skate, yoga, they are countless things to do. Rent a paddle boat and take part in the moon float during the full moon, and take sailing lessons on a 16ft boat

Des Moines Performing Arts Civic Center is one of #visitUS in Des Moines, IA..

14. Des Moines Performing Arts Civic Center

221 Walnut St (at 2nd Ave), ดิมอยน์, IA
โรงละคร · Downtown Des Moines · 36 คำแนะนำและคำวิจารณ์

John P.John Pemble: I am often here for work and never have a bad experience. Enjoy their staff, the performances, and connecting with other people in the arts here.

Brenton Skating Plaza is one of #visitUS in Des Moines, IA..

15. Brenton Skating Plaza

520 Robert D Ray Dr (at E Grand Ave), ดิมอยน์, IA
ลานสเก็ตน้ำแข็ง · East Village · 9 คำแนะนำและคำวิจารณ์
RAYGUN is one of #visitUS in Des Moines, IA..


400 E Locust St (at E 4th St), ดิมอยน์, IA
ร้านเสื้อผ้า · East Village · 31 คำแนะนำและคำวิจารณ์

Audrey S.Audrey S: Make sure you never forget your stint in Iowa with a 'Des Moines, hell yes!' t-shirt, or another Iowa themed shirt at this quirky East Village shop.

BHG Test Kitchens is one of #visitUS in Des Moines, IA..

17. BHG Test Kitchens

1716 Locust St, ดิมอยน์, IA
สวน · Downtown Des Moines · 4 คำแนะนำและคำวิจารณ์

Joe S.Joe Stych: This is where Meredith publications like Better Homes and Gardens shoot their flowery photography. The space is open to the public every Friday, May through September, from noon to 2 p.m.

Gateway Market & Cafe is one of #visitUS in Des Moines, IA..

18. Gateway Market & Cafe

2002 Woodland Ave (at MLK Pkwy), ดิมอยน์, IA
ร้านขายของชำ · Sherman Hill · 103 คำแนะนำและคำวิจารณ์

Hilary H.Hilary Henak: Local to the Des Moines area and unlike any other grocery store in Des Moines. They carry locally grown, fresh produce, a wide variety of fine cheeses and wines and groceries from around the world.

Jasper Winery is one of #visitUS in Des Moines, IA..

19. Jasper Winery

2400 George Flagg Pkwy, ดิมอยน์, IA
ร้านขายไวน์ · 21 คำแนะนำและคำวิจารณ์

Cecily M.Cecily Miniaci: Instead of taking a long trip to a winery in the middle of nowhere, visit Jasper Winery in the heart of Des Moines. They offer premium quality wines and are open 7 days a week.

Woody's Smoke Shack is one of #visitUS in Des Moines, IA..

20. Woody's Smoke Shack

2511 Cottage Grove Ave (btw 25th & 26th St), ดิมอยน์, IA
ร้านบาร์บีคิว · Drake · 22 คำแนะนำและคำวิจารณ์

Becca M.Becca Mataloni: In 2009, Woody's was voted "Best of the Best Barbeque Restaurants in America." It is also home to the best (free) cornbread in Iowa. Just add a little honey and it tastes even better!

A Dong Restaurant is one of #visitUS in Des Moines, IA..

21. A Dong Restaurant

1511 High St, ดิมอยน์, IA
ร้านอาหารเวียดนาม · Sherman Hill · 75 คำแนะนำและคำวิจารณ์

Laura H.Laura Hassebrock: A Dong dishes are made with fresh ingredients grown right outside the restaurant, and the menu (featuring over 100 dishes) hasn't changed since the restaurant opened. The owner is also the head chef.

Jethro's BBQ is one of #visitUS in Des Moines, IA..

22. Jethro's BBQ

3102 Forest Ave (at 31st St), ดิมอยน์, IA
ร้านบาร์บีคิว · Drake · 117 คำแนะนำและคำวิจารณ์

Jaimie D.Jaimie Duffek: Stop by for the best BBQ in town. Jethro's was featured on the Travel Channel's "Man vs. Food" in Oct. of 2010. Host, Adam Richman, took the famous "Adam Emmenecker Challenge".

Blue Moon Piano Bar is one of #visitUS in Des Moines, IA..

23. Blue Moon Piano Bar

5485 Mills Civic Pkwy (West Glen Town Center), West Des Moines, IA
บาร์เล่นเปียโน · 31 คำแนะนำและคำวิจารณ์

Hilary H.Hilary Henak: Famous for bringing piano players from all over the country, this exciting and energetic show will have you laughing and dancing all the way through. Be sure to try the fishbowl and chicken ranch wrap

Centro is one of #visitUS in Des Moines, IA..

24. Centro

1011 Locust St (at 10th St.), ดิมอยน์, IA
ร้านอาหารอิตาเลียน · Downtown Des Moines · 97 คำแนะนำและคำวิจารณ์

Sarah C.Sarah C: Adored by locals and famous visitors, Centro has been #1 on MetroMix's list of best restaurants in Des Moines. Start any delicious Italian dish with their deliciously unique Fried Ravioli.

25. Gong Fu Tea

414 E 6th St (btw Grand & Locust), ดิมอยน์, IA
ร้านน้ำชา · East Village · 24 คำแนะนำและคำวิจารณ์

Cecily M.Cecily Miniaci: Enjoy an extensive list of premium teas and break away from coffee in an eclectic and relaxing environment.

Java Joes Coffee House is one of #visitUS in Des Moines, IA..

26. Java Joes Coffee House

214 4th St, ดิมอยน์, IA
ร้านกาแฟ · Downtown Des Moines · 78 คำแนะนำและคำวิจารณ์

Hilary H.Hilary Henak: In addition to coffee, Java Joes also has a breakfast, lunch, dinner, ice cream, smoothies, beer, wine, tea, hot chocolate, and more. They offer vegetarian options and host local entertainment.

Mars Cafe is one of #visitUS in Des Moines, IA..

27. Mars Cafe

2318 University Ave (btwn 23rd & 24th St.), ดิมอยน์, IA
ร้านกาแฟ · 101 คำแนะนำและคำวิจารณ์
Hessen Haus is one of #visitUS in Des Moines, IA..

28. Hessen Haus

101 4th St (at Vine St.), ดิมอยน์, IA
ร้านอาหารเยอรมัน · Downtown Des Moines · 87 คำแนะนำและคำวิจารณ์

Zachary B.Zachary Bales-Henry: Probably 1 of the best bars in Des Moines. If you're looking to chill this is the place to be. Good people and great people. I would recommend this bar to any1. By the way, make sure you try the boot.

La Mie Bakery & Restaurant is one of #visitUS in Des Moines, IA..

29. La Mie Bakery & Restaurant

841 42nd St (at Rollins Ave.), ดิมอยน์, IA
ร้านอาหารและกาแฟ · Drake · 63 คำแนะนำและคำวิจารณ์

Emily L.Emily Lee: Stop into La Mie for a taste of France. Here you can get artisian breads and pastries made daily on-site. Pair the almond croissant with a cup of coffee.

El Bait Shop is one of #visitUS in Des Moines, IA..

30. El Bait Shop

200 SW 2nd St (at Market St), ดิมอยน์, IA
บาร์ · Downtown Des Moines · 127 คำแนะนำและคำวิจารณ์

Juice MagazineJuice Magazine: With 105 beers on tap and 155 in cans and bottles, el Bait Shop is the undisputed king of beer bars. See their top 10 selling beers: http://dmreg.com/yGt6jC อ่านเพิ่มเติม

Snookies Malt Shop is one of #visitUS in Des Moines, IA..

31. Snookies Malt Shop

1810 Beaver Ave (at Franklin Ave.), ดิมอยน์, IA
ร้านไอศกรีม · Beaverdale · 24 คำแนะนำและคำวิจารณ์

Hilary H.Hilary Henak: They have ice cream cones just for dogs. Need I say more? OK, this is the place to be seen on a warm summer night in the Beaverdale neighborhood. And the ice cream ain't bad either.

Fleur Cinema & Café is one of #visitUS in Des Moines, IA..

32. Fleur Cinema & Café

4545 Fleur Dr., ดิมอยน์, IA
โรงภาพยนตร์ · Watrous South · 28 คำแนะนำและคำวิจารณ์

Cecily M.Cecily Miniaci: Enjoy a movie and cafe item in a unique cinema atmosphere. Offers an experience that you can't find at any mainstream theater.

Zombie Burger + Drink Lab is one of #visitUS in Des Moines, IA..

33. Zombie Burger + Drink Lab

300 E Grand Ave (at E 4th St), ดิมอยน์, IA
ร้านเบอร์เกอร์ · East Village · 317 คำแนะนำและคำวิจารณ์

Joe S.Joe Stych: Zombies feast on more than just brains. Limp on over to this unconventional eatery, where you can sample a long list of gourmet burgers and visit the drink lab. Just watch your head.

Gusto Pizza Co. is one of #visitUS in Des Moines, IA..

34. Gusto Pizza Co.

1905 Ingersoll Ave (at MLK Pkwy), ดิมอยน์, IA
ร้านพิซซ่า · Sherman Hill · 67 คำแนะนำและคำวิจารณ์

Hilary H.Hilary Henak: Bringing together local Iowa beer and brilliant pizza, Gusto Pizza Co. is the place to go.

Miyabi 9 is one of #visitUS in Des Moines, IA..

35. Miyabi 9

512 E Grand Ave, ดิมอยน์, IA
ร้านซูชิ · East Village · 31 คำแนะนำและคำวิจารณ์
Living History Farms is one of #visitUS in Des Moines, IA..

36. Living History Farms

11121 Hickman Rd (Hickman Ave), Urbandale, IA
พิพิธภัณฑ์ประวัติศาสตร์ · 9 คำแนะนำและคำวิจารณ์

Chris S.Chris Snider: The LHF Off Road Race in November lets you "wade through creeks, dodge farm animals and claw your way to the top of gullies with 7500 (limit) other runners of questionable senses."

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