Bobwhite Counter

Bobwhite Counter

ร้านขายไก่ทอด และ ร้านอาหารภาคใต้$$$$
Alphabet City, นครนิวยอร์ก
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    Rebecca M.
    "Awesome fried chicken (ไก่) sandwich and nice low key vibe and service."(236 ทิปส์)
    Jackie F.
    "Fried chicken = 9!! Pork (เนื้อหมู) chop is LEGIT as well as the catfish."(13 ทิปส์)
    M T.
    "Porkchop sandwich, Mac and cheese and potato salad (สลัด) are delicious."(14 ทิปส์)
    Gabriel H.
    "Very good happy hour special (แฮปปี้อาวร์) until 7pm: $4 draft beer."(13 ทิปส์)
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  • Gothamist
    Gothamistมีนาคม 30, 2015
    The full fried chicken supper, with salad and jumbo biscuit, is so affordable that you can share a side or two and still get that overflowing bowl of pecan pie bread pudding for dessert. อ่านข้อมูลเพิ่มเติม
  • Antonio V.ไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Antonio Vanegasมิถุนายน 14, 2016
    The buffalo chicken sandwich should run for president! Amazing! Homemade ranch for the ranch lovers, not your normal frozen fries they're nice and crispy. Mac & cheese is authentic & really good!
  • Eater
    Eaterมิถุนายน 22, 2017
    Bobwhite serves wedge-style French fries alongside classic Southern comfort food dishes. The cut means these fries are bigger and chewier than bistro varieties. อ่านข้อมูลเพิ่มเติม
  • Josephine S.
    Josephine Sonกรกฎาคม 6, 2015
    I am a diehard fried chicken addict and always searching for the perfect dish. Think I found it at Bobwhite! Chicken is seasoned perfectly and crisp and damn the biscuits are good!
  • Village Voice
    Village Voiceสิงหาคม 4, 2014
    Southern classics worth a try are the pork chop sandwich (with meat from Bev Eggleston's EcoFriendly Foods) and grilled pimento cheese on Orwasher's bread, which will leave you licking your fingers. อ่านข้อมูลเพิ่มเติม
  • Deon D.ไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Deon Dธันวาคม 22, 2015
    เคยมาที่นี่ 5+ ครั้ง
    As usual, one of the best, if not the best, fried chicken sandwiches anywhere. Add pimento cheese and all is right with the world. The banana pudding and pecan bread pudding was great too.
  • The Corcoran Group
    The Corcoran Groupสิงหาคม 4, 2014
    You really can't go wrong with the fried chicken supper on its own, but don't forget to add the mac and cheese as a side. You'll thank us later.
  • Sarah J P.ไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Sarah J Parkerตุลาคม 13, 2017
    Worth going out of the way for this place. Fried chicken is light succulent and tasty. Mac and cheese and biscuit as sides are must haves. Homemade sauces pack a punch :)
  • Sherina D.ไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Sherina Davisพฤษภาคม 5, 2019
    เคยมาที่นี่ 5+ ครั้ง
    Great juicy fried chicken! They also have fried catfish. Can't go wrong with the chicken and biscuit sandwich either. They offer a unique happy hour special that consists of a beer and a thigh. Yum!
  • Heatherไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Heatherพฤศจิกายน 1, 2017
    Fried chicken and biscuits are great and the mac & cheese is incredible! Great prices too. Added bonus, they actually serve sweet tea which is few and far between in NY! Would go again & again.
  • Village Voice
    Village Voiceกันยายน 16, 2013
    You’re in for a special treat at this fried chicken joint. The birds are brined in sweet tea and exude a hint of sugar beneath every crunchy bite. Pair it up with a biscuit and some butter pickles!
  • Chris S.
    Chris Sandemanมีนาคม 20, 2018
    Happy hour here is solid: 3-7pm, beer&chicken $6, biscuit w/chicken $3.50. Happy hour is the whole place, not just @the bar.
  • Michael G.
    Michael Galpertมิถุนายน 20, 2013
    might be my favorite thing in all of ABC: Chicken biscuit!!! It may not be on menu but order it! Be sure to; put honey on one side and hot sauce on the other. You're welcome.
  • Jerry J.ไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Jerry Josephมีนาคม 30, 2019
    Get the “Chicken Little” supper for 3 fried chicken pieces on the bone, plus biscuit, and a side. Could definitely be the best fried chicken in the city.
  • Alex R.ไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Alex Robertsonกรกฎาคม 27, 2022
    Stupid good. The chicken sandwiches are all $7.09-$7.86 or something. Can’t sit inside anymore but who could complain about seein the cars go nyoom on Ave C and like twelve guys asking you for money
  • Village Voice
    Village Voiceสิงหาคม 4, 2014
    While the experience is decidedly more down-home than downtown, the expert, pressure-fried chicken at the tiny Bobwhite Lunch and Supper Counter might be the best in the city. อ่านข้อมูลเพิ่มเติม
  • Terence C.ไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Terence Chanกรกฎาคม 18, 2015
    Really really good Mac n cheese and biscuits (order an extra one and thank me later). The catfish was nicely done too. The fried chicken was juicy but lacked flavor. 4/5
  • John E.ไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    John Eกุมภาพันธ์ 23, 2017
    Best fried chicken in NYC by far, possibly the best in the country north of the Mason-Dixon Line. Young guys running the place are efficient & friendly. An absolute must-visit Alphabet City staple.
  • Thrillist
    Thrillistมกราคม 19, 2012
    Bobwhite's family-recipe butterflied pork chop's attentively seared, then topped with mayo and chow chow, a mustardy relish. Once you go here, you won't want pork chops from anywhere else. อ่านข้อมูลเพิ่มเติม
  • Cole K.ไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Cole Kennedyมิถุนายน 16, 2019
    The buffalo chicken sandwich is indisputably the best fried chicken sandwich I have ever eaten. The mac & cheese is the correct side option.
  • Ryan P.ไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Ryan Pกันยายน 1, 2013
    เคยมาที่นี่ 10+ ครั้ง
    My favorite lunch spot! The buffalo chicken sandwich is great, but the regular is my old standby. Mac and cheese is a must and the staff is the perfect mix of attentive and laid back. Great music too.
  • Faye H.ไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Faye Hมีนาคม 8, 2014
    Sunny and super cute! Really good fried chicken and biscuits. Mac and cheese and onion rings are also winners.
  • Marc
    Marcกรกฎาคม 10, 2014
    TT 10 Cheap Eats: "fried chicken is brined in sweet tea, dredged in flour & secret spices, then pressure fried. Chkn supper platter is for sharing; fried chkn sandwich is served on a brioche-like bun"
  • Ale T.ไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Ale Towerมีนาคม 12, 2017
    Got the chicken sandwich with fries and a beer for $20 all in, which is pretty good by NYC standards. Most importantly, I was full but would have gladly had another sandwich - it was pretty damn good!
  • Jeremyไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Jeremyมิถุนายน 16, 2017
    Get an extra order of the ever-so-cheesy Mac and cheese. Delicious. The catfish is good, but why would you pass up the fried chicken?
  • Village Voice
    Village Voiceกุมภาพันธ์ 7, 2014
    Village Voice is proud to welcome Bobwhite Counter to the 2014 Choice Eats food fest! Get the fried chicken sandwich topped with some tangy butter pickles.
  • Amberไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Amberตุลาคม 12
    เคยมาที่นี่ 5+ ครั้ง
    The fried chicken sandwich is great. Add the pimento cheese. Or if you are really a pro, get two of the mini fried chicken biscuits with pimento cheese and hot honey.
  • Ha D.ไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Ha Diemสิงหาคม 17, 2014
    The best fried chicken I've had in New York. The chicken is always perfectly seasoned with crispy skin. I love it paired with the hot sauce and honey! I just wish they served mashed potatoes.
  • Neil C.ไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Neil Caronมีนาคม 11, 2016
    Take it from a Southerner, this is legit fried chicken. If it's busy, get on the list & grab a beer next door at Alphabet Beer Co, your stomach will be thankful... Not so much your cardiologist though
  • Lauren M.ไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Lauren Macกุมภาพันธ์ 12, 2017
    Get the platter with fried chicken, Mac and cheese, and biscuit and you won't regret it! Very reasonably priced for moist, delicious Southern food. Will definitely be returning.
  • Cooper S.ไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Cooper Smithมีนาคม 12, 2014
    The chicken biscuit is a Wednesday night special, but if you ask your waitress nicely, you might be able to get it other nights. It's incredible.
  • Jeffrey
    Jeffreyสิงหาคม 31, 2014
    Sweet-tea-brined and pressure-fried, the moist, craggy-crusted chicken is the main event at this modest redoubt, and it comes with a tasty buttermilk biscuit and some well-intentioned mixed greens.
  • BuzzFeed
    BuzzFeedมิถุนายน 13, 2017
    The bread is perfectly crunchy and the cheese is melted perfectly around the collard greens. Mac and cheese is indulgent and creamy, so much so that you might not be able to handle eating both at once อ่านข้อมูลเพิ่มเติม
  • Ricky S.ไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Ricky Sherrillตุลาคม 24, 2015
    The fried chicken & their pork chop are the stars but you cannot go wrong with anything on their menu. Take a friend or two so you can order a bunch to share.
  • Adrienไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Adrienเมษายน 3, 2016
    hey don't take reservations, if it is busy just put your name and get a beer a fresh craft beer on tap at Alphabet City Beer Co next door ;)
  • Avery A.ไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Avery Alchekพฤศจิกายน 3, 2016
    One of the best value meals in NYC period. Some of the most delicious fried chicken and mac and cheese in the Northeast. Cozy place though not too cramped.
  • Ashley R.ไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Ashley Roseกรกฎาคม 1, 2015
    เคยมาที่นี่ 25+ ครั้ง
    All day happy hour on Mondays and Tuesday's: $4 beers, $6 glasses of wine, $25 bottles. What other excuse do you need?
  • tif l.ไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    tif laceyสิงหาคม 8, 2016
    buffalo chicken sandwich is the perfect amount of crunchy with a tangy ranch dressing + zesty slaw. Cool place to sit at the bar and grab a quick feed.
  • AmateurConciergeไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    AmateurConciergeเมษายน 18, 2015
    Can't beat it for the price and quality. In an ideal world, the biscuits would be denser, but the quality of the chicken is very high, making for less breading than your fat ass may desire.
  • Rebecca M.ไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Rebecca Mazzaกุมภาพันธ์ 1, 2017
    Awesome fried chicken sandwich and nice low key vibe and service. But I think I prefer Sweet Chicks fried chicken
  • Ranu R.ไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Ranu Rajkarnikarธันวาคม 22, 2014
    Best fried chicken sandwich in the neighborhood. Go for the classic with a side of Mac and cheese. Do not miss the hot sauce/honey combo!
  • D C.ไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    D C🐧พฤษภาคม 3, 2015
    People here r nice! I ordered the fried chicken dinner, it came with coleslaw, biscuit, and mac & cheese. I DIDN't LIKE ANYTHING!!!!! The coleslaw was ok.... AND THE FOOD GAVE ME AN UPSET STOMACH!
  • PureWow
    PureWowสิงหาคม 4, 2016
    This quaint lunch spot serves up Southern charm (just look at those adorable plates) and some damn delicious chicken. อ่านข้อมูลเพิ่มเติม
  • Alyssaไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Alyssaธันวาคม 8, 2015
    Happy hour all day Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. Stick to the fried chicken sandwich with pimento cheese (the pimento is a nonnegotiable) and get the fries
  • The B.ไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    The BigBพฤษภาคม 27, 2018
    It’s fantastic! The Chicken Tenders are amazing. The music is great. A must when you are in NYC. I give all the thumbs up that are available!
  • M T.ไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    M Tตุลาคม 11, 2014
    Porkchop sandwich, Mac and cheese and potato salad are delicious. Chicken is pretty darn good too. Don't forget desert!
  • Dorouliniไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Dorouliniพฤษภาคม 24, 2018
    Fantastic fried chicken!! We tried a plate of chicken tenders and a sandwich with mac n cheese on the side! Small place but good service.
  • Thrillist
    Thrillistมีนาคม 14, 2014
    This Southern-inspired spot opens at noon everyday (except Monday) and boasts delicious fried chicken, grilled Pimento cheese, and pulled pork. อ่านข้อมูลเพิ่มเติม
  • Nick A.ไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Nick Andlingerพฤษภาคม 9, 2015
    Bobwhite Counter is an ave c gem. Come here for incredible fried chicken and southern comfort classics.
  • Jeanie N.ไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Jeanie Nguyenกรกฎาคม 28, 2015
    Amazing fried chicken! Even their simple egg cheese on biscuit sandwiches are out of this world. Friendly service. AC is always blasting so a little chilly


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