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Lower East Side, นครนิวยอร์ก
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    Venera V.
    "Hidden gem, great cocktails (ค็อกเทล), mysterious dark setting."(92 ทิปส์)
    Billy J.
    "Atmosphere is super chill (ลำลอง) and not crowded."(3 ทิปส์)
    Ranu R.
    "Loved the beekeeper drink I had with bourbon and honey (น้ำผึ้ง)."(12 ทิปส์)
    "... feel out your vibe and deliver (บริการส่ง) some of the most solid cocktails in all of..."(2 ทิปส์)
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  • Adrienne S.
    Adrienne Sมีนาคม 16, 2013
    เคยมาที่นี่ 5+ ครั้ง
    Best new bar in town, in the old Milk & Honey space. There's a new longer bar, no reservation policy and they now serve wine & beer as well as classic cocktails. Great vibe & awesome service!
  • Jason C.
    Jason Chuangสิงหาคม 9, 2014
    เคยมาที่นี่ 5+ ครั้ง
    Find the door marked AB and ring the bell to get buzzed in. Tell them your preferred liquor & flavor profiles. Interesting combos come up but be patient as they may take a while. Always worth the wait
  • Eater
    Eaterตุลาคม 22, 2014
    Enjoy low lights and beautiful cocktails on any given weekday night at Attaboy on the Lower East Side. Instead of offering a menu, bartenders create drinks based on a customer's tastes. อ่านข้อมูลเพิ่มเติม
  • Abner A.
    Abner Acevesมิถุนายน 1, 2015
    เคยมาที่นี่ 10+ ครั้ง
    Probably one of my favorite cocktails bar i've ever been in the NYC. You get asked what spirit you like and the cocktail experts make you something unique every time. Knock twice, leave your name.
  • Amanda R.ไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Amanda Rellaสิงหาคม 5, 2018
    เคยมาที่นี่ 5+ ครั้ง
    Ring the bell on the unmarked 124AB door to put your name down. There is no menu - you tell them what flavour profiles you like. Great bartenders and drinks. Very cool speakeasy vibes.
  • Victoria N.
    Victoria Natenzonพฤษภาคม 3, 2014
    Best speakeasy in this city. Tell the mixologist what you're feeling and he'll create the best concoction of your life. Tiny place so go on a Sunday night to get in without a wait.
  • Noah W.ไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Noah Weissพฤษภาคม 12, 2014
    เคยมาที่นี่ 5+ ครั้ง
    The best bespoke cocktails in NYC now? Sam Ross, the owner, created the Penicillin. Even if you don't like scotch, order it. Then get the "Ralphacillin", a riff with maple dark rum.
  • Lauren Evelyn Anneไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Lauren Evelyn Anneกรกฎาคม 31, 2015
    Amazing cocktails with bartenders that know their stuff. Think outside the box here for your perfect drink since there's no formal menu. Ask for a white negroni- the best I've ever had.
  • Ranu R.ไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Ranu Rajkarnikarกรกฎาคม 15, 2015
    Delicious bespoke drinks and a cool hidden exterior. Loved the beekeeper drink I had with bourbon and honey. An intimate space that's great for a date or catching up with an old friend.
  • Lauren M.ไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Lauren Macธันวาคม 18, 2015
    👌🏼 Put your name early, hang out at Fig 19. when you return, sit back & let the bartenders work their magic. There's a dedication to the craft here & appreciation for detail, esp. if you sit barside
  • s v.
    s vมิถุนายน 7, 2017
    (Thrillist tip) No menu, so get comfortable w/ the pro bar staff and bare your soul..modern classics, like the Penicillin, with whiskey, honey-ginger syrup, lemon, and Islay Scotch.
    PUNCHกันยายน 24, 2015
    Attaboy is the everyman’s cocktail bar hidden in plain sight. With a no-menu format, bartenders feel out your vibe and deliver some of the most solid cocktails in all of New York. อ่านข้อมูลเพิ่มเติม
  • Alex T.ไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Alex Tsuพฤษภาคม 9, 2018
    A truly spectacular speakeasy offering custom drinks based on your preferences; tell the bartender what flavors you like and watch him make the cocktail you've been dreaming of.
  • Marianne N.ไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Marianne Nมิถุนายน 6, 2018
    No menus, the bar tender works out what you like and creates something for you. She was spot on. Look for the door marked “AB”.
  • Harrison J.ไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Harrison Johnsonตุลาคม 14, 2017
    The classic. Get there early or expect to wait at a nearby bar (try RPM). This place will make you feel special. No menu, just say what you're feeling. Drinks are 💪 but some of the best in the world
  • Billy J.ไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Billy Jacobsonตุลาคม 17, 2015
    Cocktails are amazing. Atmosphere is super chill and not crowded. The list moves pretty fast and you can explore other places around there while you wait
  • Adrian P.ไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Adrian Phillipsกุมภาพันธ์ 19, 2017
    เคยมาที่นี่ 5+ ครั้ง
    My favorite cocktail bar in New York. Knock on the door and put your name in. They'll call you when your table is ready. Drinks are amazing just tell them what you feel like and go from there.
  • dsinskyไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    dsinskyพฤษภาคม 11, 2014
    Apparently the owner (who bartends regularly) is the inventor of the penicillin and, unsurprisingly, his version is the best in the city. The imperial buck is also spectacular.
  • Marie R.ไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Marie Richerกันยายน 16, 2016
    The cocktails here are great and made custom according to your preferences. They're pricey but very strong and worth it! Also the bartenders are really friendly.
  • Dan B.ไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Dan Bartonพฤษภาคม 29, 2017
    Took over Little Branch for my favorite speakeasy in the city. One of the owners, Michael, was an amazing bartender and we had a perfect time. About :45 minute wait on a Sunday, the place is popular.
  • Wendy Q.ไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Wendy Qiuมกราคม 26, 2015
    Flavor Profile - asked for gin, cucumber and fruit puree. Got the best cocktail - with strawberries, not overbearing, and refreshing. Not sure it was worth the $16 and 1 hr wait ....
  • Scott P.ไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Scott Pfluglerเมษายน 15, 2017
    Longer wait, but the drinks are amazing. No menu, bartender just asks what spirits and flavors you like and delivers a great drink. The wait is worth it so the bar isn't packed all the time.
  • Emilie F.ไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Emilie Futtermanมกราคม 4, 2015
    เคยมาที่นี่ 5+ ครั้ง
    Great cocktails, do bartenders choice. Wait to get in is long, so put your name down and then go for a pre-snack or drink somewhere else in the neighborhood while you wait. Worth the wait.
  • Zack S.ไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Zack Sheppardกรกฎาคม 22, 2014
    เคยมาที่นี่ 25+ ครั้ง
    Just say what you're in the mood for and they will find the right cocktail for you. There is no menu. There is no vodka.
  • Joanne C.ไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Joanne Croninตุลาคม 30, 2014
    I was feeling in the mood for tequila, so I first revived a bracing stirred drink, Tres Hands, with tequila, mezcal & vermouth. This was followed by a sweeter, lighter Ju Ju. Both top notch
  • Lauren H.
    Lauren Heppsตุลาคม 10, 2014
    Seriously skip all the stupid mustaches and suspenders at the other speakeasys and check this place out. Great staff. Great cocktails. Great patrons. Love it!
  • Alyssa B.ไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Alyssa B.ธันวาคม 11, 2022
    Menu-less, what’s your vibe place. Loved the Hotel Nacionale! The wait for 5 on a Monday night at 8pm was an hour… way better than I expected
  • Ross W.
    Ross WSมกราคม 10, 2018
    There is no menu but you can trust that your bartender will ask the right questions to bring you something utterly unexpected but right on. Still a must-visit in a city overrun with new openings.
  • Joe F.ไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Joe Fontanaกุมภาพันธ์ 3, 2015
    Tell them the mood your in. Don't ask questions. Sip some amazement!! I've been welcome here for years and there's nothing better than a cocktail prepared by guys who love making cocktails
  • steven b.
    steven barbarichมิถุนายน 3, 2022
    Fantastic drinks with personal service. Drinks are made based on your mood/preference. The bartender was lovely. Perfect place to connect with an old friend over great drinks.
  • Amy C.
    Amy Chenกรกฎาคม 16, 2015
    Definitely bring someone here for a date. The waiter takes care of you and makes sure you are happy. The drinks are phenomenal, and there's a consistent low murmur. Awesome vibes.
  • Kate F.
    Kate Furmanตุลาคม 18, 2016
    Look for 134 AB Eldridge Street, a nondescript grey door, and ring the bell. This is a no menu speakeasy, tell the bartender what liquor and flavors you prefer in your drinks.
  • Zach R.ไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Zach Rกันยายน 22, 2015
    Amazing place to grab unique cocktails. Smile for the camera and someone will come greet you at the door. Expect a wait, but they call when your seats are ready.
  • Edwina M.ไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Edwina McGregorกรกฎาคม 30, 2017
    Without a doubt one of the best cocktail bars I've ever been to. No menu. Just tell the bartender what flavours you feel like and you'll get your own unique cocktail.
  • Stephanyไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Stephanyกันยายน 23, 2014
    Had a few cocktails that changed my life. Outstanding Old Fashioned if you want to stick to a classic .
  • Mayank M.ไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Mayank Mahajanกรกฎาคม 30, 2018
    Excellent cocktails, all made without a menu. Venture out your comfort zone and be surprised with what you get!
  • Chrisไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Chrisธันวาคม 27, 2019
    You’ll need to look carefully to find this spot. Plan on a wait to get into this small, dark cocktail bar. Great drinks!
  • Muskanไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Muskanสิงหาคม 27, 2016
    เคยมาที่นี่ 5+ ครั้ง
    The bartender asks you what you like and comes back with an amazing concoction. It's intimate, interesting and well worth it.
  • Michael F.ไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Michael Fox-Rabinovitzกุมภาพันธ์ 26, 2017
    Fantastic atmosphere, low key, great drink creations and friendly and knowledgeable staff. Get there early, place is small, wait will be long later
  • Beka C.ไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Beka Cพฤษภาคม 5, 2015
    Good mixology spot for a date or catching up with a friend or two. Must get seated so it doesn't get crowded or too loud but the actual crowd is all over the place. Nice bartenders.
  • Christopher G.ไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Christopher Gutierrezกุมภาพันธ์ 4, 2015
    This is *the* best cocktail bar I've ever been to. Give the a rough idea of what you want or the mood you are in and they will make you an amazing drink.
  • Lori L.ไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Lori Luoสิงหาคม 10, 2014
    Expertly crafted cocktails from the mixologists of Milk and Honey still reign supreme at Attaboy. There's no set menu; simply have your preferences on hand for the bartender.
  • IrmaZandl Z.ไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    IrmaZandl ZandlSlantสิงหาคม 12, 2014
    เคยมาที่นี่ 5+ ครั้ง
    GREAT cocktails in old milk & honey space. way more chill now, some of the bartenders are Aussies!! Has weird opening hours like 6:45 or something like that.
  • Dorothyไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Dorothyมิถุนายน 4, 2021
    เคยมาที่นี่ 25+ ครั้ง
    John’s the best :) The drinks are fabulous and everyone’s genuinely awesome. Love the vibe. Be there early when it opens cause the line gets long!
  • Kathrineไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Kathrineธันวาคม 28, 2019
    Amazing cocktails, all dealer’s choice. Expect to wait and hour or two for a table, but plan ahead for it—totally worth it!
  • Harry W.ไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Harry Wolffตุลาคม 13, 2017
    เคยมาที่นี่ 10+ ครั้ง
    Can't go wrong with the Penicillin, or just ask for what your heart desires. Best to go in small groups, highest chances of getting in.
  • Jeff S.ไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Jeff Solomonตุลาคม 22, 2017
    There is no menu. Instead, the host asks what you’re interested in drinking and then they come up with something that fits your tastes on the spot. Highly recommend
  • AmateurConciergeไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    AmateurConciergeกุมภาพันธ์ 21, 2015
    If you want a spicy drink, their gin based Bloody Mary is quite good (even at night) but their fruity sweet & spicy number is even better
  • Jason B.ไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Jason Brewกรกฎาคม 8, 2016
    Say hi to the camera above the gray door that says "AB" on it to gain entry. There's no drink menu so just talk to the bartender about what you like and they'll invent you a drink!
  • Alex H.ไอคอนรูปหัวใจบนภาพผู้ใช้
    Alex Hennesseyตุลาคม 18, 2016
    No drink list here-- everything catered to your tastes and you're in very capable hands. Great service, cool vibe. $17 per drink when we went.


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